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Using word index search

The word index lets you browse through concordances of words that occur in books or journals, selecting values as you go to add to a search query that you can then submit at any time. (Fig. 1)

word index search

Fig. 1: The word index start form.

There are two ways to initiate a word index.
Method 1:

  1. Enter a word or word stem in the text box.
  2. Click a radio button to select an area of text to browse.
  3. Click the "Show Word Index" button. The resulting browse list will highlight your word (if it exists) in the middle with similar words above and below it in alphabetical order. (Fig. 2) If your word does not exist, the list will highlight the next closest word in the middle.

Method 2: Click on a hyperlinked letter in the list as shown. The resulting browse list will begin with the first word in the index beginning with that letter.

word index search
Fig. 2: Browsing the resulting word list.

When you get the resulting word list ...

  1. Select checkboxes next to any word you want to add to a search. All the words added in this manner will be treated in an "any word" sense (i.e., match any of the words selected).
  2. Use up and down arrows at the top of the index to retrieve the next or previous 10 words in the index (any currently selected words will be remembered). Click the "Search for selected terms" button to submit the search.