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Getting started - collection searches

To conduct a search, follow these steps:

1. Select a search type

By default, selecting a collection group lands you at the Basic search page. This is the simplest search form, but there is also a Boolean search.

Basic search is the simplest search; it lets you look for a single word or phrase in a designated area of the text. Because it is less specific, sometimes your search results wil be larger than for advanced searches that let you be more specific in your search query.

Boolean search lets you look for combinations of up to three terms or phrases using Boolean connector terms (i.e., AND, OR, NOT).

default search menu

Fig. 1: The default search menu.

2. Enter query terms in the appropriate search form

Having chosen a search type, you can now enter your search query terms. Depending on your search type, you can combine up to three words or word phrases to match in a specified area of the text.

For more about composing effective searches, see Search tips

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