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Online Oral Histories

NLM's online oral histories provide access to a wealth of digitized transcripts, and audio when available. These interviews may be searched below, left, either as a whole or according to the collections into which they are divided. Further information about and access to individual oral history collections may be found below, right.

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General History of Medicine Oral Histories

Digitized content from NLM's general oral history holdings contains interviews with many individuals on a wide variety of topics, both conducted by the Library's History of Medicine Division and acquired via donation. Some interviews supplement the Library's manuscript collections.
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Albert Szent-Györgyi Oral History Collection

Interviews with 9 colleagues and students of the notable biochemist, conducted in 2004 in support of his site in Profiles in Science.

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Primary Care Physicians Interview Collection

U.S. Public Health Service physician and historian Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan conducted these 63 interviews in the 1990s, as part of research for his book, Big Doctoring in America: Profiles in Primary Care (2002).
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James W. Papez Oral History Collection

A collection of 9 oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Kenneth E. Livingston during 1981 and 1982, to document the contributions of Cornell neuroanatomist James W. Papez, whose papers are in the Library's modern manuscripts collections.
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NIMH Oral History Collection

Interviews with 42 individuals significant to the foundation and early history of the National Institute of Mental Health, conducted by Dr. Eli A. Rubinstein between the years 1975 and 1978.
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National Information Center on Health Services Research Oral Histories

Many of these 33 interviews were conducted in 2008 at the 25th anniversary meeting of Academy Health, the professional society for health services research. The project is a collaboration between the Library's History of Medicine Division and NICHSR.
NIH Extramural collection logo

NIH Extramural Program Oral History Collection

Stephen Strickland's 18 interviews, conducted between 1986-87 as part of research for his book The Story of the NIH Grants Programs (1989).

Last reviewed: 27 April 2020
First published: 1 December 2010