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Author: Cummings, Martin Marc, 1920-2011
Title: The Hospital Library as a Center for Health Communication, 1979
Occasion: Presented on receiving the John C. Leonard Award from the Association for Hospital Medical Education, American Medical Association Congress on Medical Education, Washington, D.C.
MMC Commentary: This talk concentrated on the importance of the library in the community hospital and made reference to the new ability of medical librarians to use modern communications and computer technologies to provide improved services to hospital library users. I lamented the fact that many physicians made little or no use of their hospital libraries, and some physicians indeed had no knowledge of the resources that could be available to them through the National Library of Medicine.
Subject terms:
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
Library Services
Access to Information
Association for Hospital Medical Education
John C. Leonard Award
Osler, William, Sir, 1849-1919
Hospital Library Consortium
Jacksonville Hospitals Educational Program
Health Planning and Administration