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Author: Cummings, Martin Marc, 1920-2011
Title: Communications in Medical Education, 1971
Occasion: Presented at WHO meeting, Cracow, Poland from October 30 to November 4m 1971.
MMC Commentary: This paper was presented the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting, in Cracow, Poland. I was delighted to be at the oldest academic university in Europe. This university was the first to discover the theory that the world was made up of planets and the sun was the major planet in the world's construction. I received the WHO-OMS medal from the World Health Organization. I believe it was on this trip that I also received the Academia medica Cracoviensis medal. I went from the WHO meeting to Lwow Medical University and received an honorary Doctorate of Medicine for supporting medical libraries around the world and indexing the world's literature.
Subject terms:
International Cooperation
Education, Medical, Graduate
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
World Health Organization meeting, Cracow, Poland, 1971