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Author: Cummings, Martin Marc, 1920-2011
Title: The Green Years of Medicine, 1971
Occasion: The Commencement Address at the 1971 Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.
MMC Commentary: This address gave me an opportunity to tell young graduates that they should consider a career in medicine that involves teaching, research, and practice rather than engaging in only one of these career endeavors. I recall that there was much discussion informally after my address with the young graduates who were interested in what was then called scientific medicine. They wished to learn what opportunities would exist in the future to fulfill the enriched form of medicine that I had proposed in this presentation. I believe that on this occasion I received an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters. Of the people in attendance at the Commencement Address, I knew Dr. Matt McNulty, Vice President for Health Affairs, and Dean John Rose, Dean of the School of Medicine. I met the Rev. Henle, President of Georgetown University, on the visit. My association with Dr. McNulty and Dean Rose went back a number of years when I worked in a Veteran's Administration hospital in Washington in the late 1950's, when I served as Director of Medical Research for the Veterans Administration. Georgetown Medical School provided the Dean's Committee for the hospital in which I worked. The Dean's Committee was composed of University faculty who guided the educational, research, and service programs in the affiliated VA hospitals.
Subject terms:
History of Medicine
Education, Continuing
Education, Medical, Graduate
Computer Systems
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894
Harvey, Proctor, 1918-2007