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Author: Cummings, Martin Marc, 1920-2011
Title: Plans for the Development of a Medical Library Network, 1968 [I]
Occasion: Presented at the Cleveland Medical Library Association, Cleveland, OH.; The article further develops the speeches with the title 'Development of a National Medical Library Network.'
MMC Commentary: An important part of this speech and subsequent article are the remarks on the indebtedness of the National Library of Medicine to the Cleveland Medical Library which accepted the responsibility for housing the NLM historical treasures during World War II. The Library not only protected the world's largest collection of medical books, but added to its strength and beauty by the efforts of their bindery, which restored many volumes during their 20-year tenure at the Cleveland Medical Library. I also summarize the background of the national problem in biomedical communication and suggest the NLM approach to its solution.
Subject terms:
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
History of Medicine
Access to Information
Computer Communication Networks
Information Explosion
Billings, John S. (John Shaw), 1838-1913
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
Biomedical Library Network
Medical Library Network
Cheshier, Robert G., 1930-
Stecher, Robert M., 1896-
Center for Biomedical Communications
Clearinghouse and Referral Unit