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Author: Cummings, Martin Marc, 1920-2011
Title: Planning for a Medical Library Network, 1966
Occasion: Presented at Fourth Annual Symposium on Biomathematics and Computer Science in the Life Sciences, Shamrock Hilton Hotel, Houston, Tx.
MMC Commentary: This speech attempts to explain how the informal biomedical library system needed to evolve into a formal service network of biomedical libraries with modern facilities and services. The NLM program plan discussed in this speech calls for a network that consists of four basic interconnected elements including the National Library of Medicine, regional medical libraries, local libraries, and specialized information centers. I wanted to communicate to the audience that the NLM Center for Biomedical Communication would be able to procure and develop learning resources that would be disseminated throughout the network. This was an important time to let the nation know about the Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965's benefits to medical libraries.
Subject terms:
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
Access to Information
Information Dissemination
Computer Systems
Abstracting and Indexing
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965
Biomedical Library Network
Specialized Information Center
NLM Centralized Activities
NLM's Center for Biomedical Communications Creation
Geographic Dissemination
Mission Oriented Dissemination
Mission Oriented Information Centers