Letters, 1860-1864
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Henkel, Emma to Henkel, Caspar Coiner, August 4, 1862

New Market.Aug 4th '62

Dear brother -

I have concluded to write you a few lines, to let you know how we are getting along. We are all well, except Haller he has been complaing some, and father he is troubling himself nearly to death; since Popes order he says he does not know what to do if the yankeesUnion Army come here, he says he would like to see Jackson or Jeff Davis, to ask their advice. There are great meny refugees here from WinchesterWinchester (Va.) and round about there, and PagePage County (Va.), the yankeesUnion Army are

Scan of page  2 arresting every one they can lay their hands on, they have the jail and court house both full of citzazens in LurayLuray (Va.). The yanksUnion Army have declaird martial law in WinchesterWinchester (Va.), the citazens held a meeting to see wheather they should take the oath to the U.S. or not, and they have all determined not to take the oath, we have not heard from there for some time, when we heard from them they were all well. I heard a cavalry men say this this evening they were tearing and burning up every thing they can. I am so afraid they will get here soon. Becka is here now and will stay untill the yanksUnion Army come.

Scan of page  3 Cousin Lue is at home now sick, I was out at uncle Sirams Saturday he looks so badly. Susan is here now she came with Mr Moyers last Tuseday, he started home Sunday; he took your boots with him. I am glad you have got in a better part of the county where there is some good water, wite to us soon and tell us what father had better do, give us your advice. I must close as it is late and my candle is nearly out. Good bye.

your sister


Tuseday morning Yesterday was the day the yanksUnion Army were agoing to make [the people] of WinchesterWinchester (Va.) take the oath, they got a were reinforcement of a 1,000.