Letters, 1860-1864
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Koiner, Rebecca Henkel to Henkel, Caspar Coiner, July 4, 1862

Broguerun. Va.July 4th 1862. Friday after supper

My Dear Brother Caspar.

I recieved your very interesting letter this afternoon, it had been taken to Fathers several days ago, consequently did not get it so soon. I have been to Dr Hangers funeral this evening, and spent the morning at Uncle Simons, Dr. Hanger has been feeble for some time, but died rather unexpected to the family, here is another bereft family, we have death in our midst and in the ArmiesConfederate Army. Dear brother I have been so very uneasy about you and our other N MNew Market (Va.) friends, since the dreadful battle has commenced at Richmond. I have dremt of you, O has that battling not been horrible in the highest digree, the poor souls that have taken their flight, to a better or worse world, the many bereft families of fathers and brothers, it is awful to think of, much less see it; there have several men come home in this neighborhood wounded. You said you stayed with Billie Moyers all night, so you did not get to see Sue. I recieved a letter from her on last Saturday, she was speaking of going home soon, also wished to know where you are, I guess she had not seen Billie since he saw you. Gideon Abram & Haller started for home last Tuesday week, I have not heard from them since, I guess they got down, Gid said he would come up for me on tomorrow if he could get time. I tell you it is lonesome living here all alone, I have thought of you most every meal, thought if only you had some of our good milk and butter, when most worn out, I guess you have been busier than you ever was before, have many of your men been wounded or killed? poor fellows that are killed, if only they were all prepared to meet their God. I have not been up to Uncle Martins or Aunt Pollies, I have been so busy trying to get my work done to go down with Gid. Uncle George came down to Uncle Simon today for Aunt Sallie to stay with Aunt Polly she gets so lonesome, Uncle says company is the best doctor for her. Mags eyes are something better.

Mr Garrison had your boots done before Gid went home they spoke of taking them home poor man, he took sick since and died this week. I am truly glad to hear that your short stay in Old AugustaAugusta County (Va.) had such a good effect upon your health.

Scan of page  2 Mr Kagy came up to see me the same day that the boys left, he said they are all well, I recieved a letter from Emma by him, she says, two days after Fremonts armyUnion Army passed up through NewmarketNew Market (Va.), there were a band of YankeeUnion Army robbers came to NewmarketNew Market (Va.), whilst their horses were eating at dinner they came up to town to rob, they broke in Uncle Solon's house, stole two gold watches, all her keepsakes, one ring that had been in their family one hundread years, lard, meat, all her preserves, sugar, three bushels hard soap and other things to numerous to mention, about 7 hundread dollars worth. Mr Kagy says the country folks did not fare so bad this time, they did not stay there long enough, but Old Fremont says next time he intends burning all the houses, and will treat the people as they please. I do feel so sad this evening, here all alone. I will not finish this until tomorrow evening, until I see whether Gid will come or not, so I can give you some late news from our good "old home."

Saturday evening nine o'clock. Gid has not come, I guess they are to busy. I will hand this to some one tomorrow to mail. We have heard that the YanksUnion Army have been very badly whipped on Thursday. I do hope you will all soon be relieved at Richmond, I fear you that are not wounded will get sick from fatigue and bad water. Write soon to your devoted