Letters, 1786-1849
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Rubbert (Rupert), Henry/Heinrich to Henkel, Solomon G., February 17, 1803

[English translation of German text found in collection with letter]

Golden Spring, February 17, 1803

Thanks to the Lord we are all still in good health, as long as the Lord wishes. The last day of January I was at Philip's. He and Catherine were also well when I saw them. Last Sunday father was preaching in the middle Church. It was a very wet Sunday. We have had very wet weather this winter. I suppose you know already, that Charles chopped off Gideon's finger with the wood axe, but it is healing very well and it does not hurt him. Sibilla can walk by this time. In case you want to sell your lot, where your house stood that burnt down, and if for that reason you do not demand too much for it, and if you are willing to wait with the payment until next year, I am willing to buy the same. Send me now a good working man, I need one and you have enough of them loafing about, who are going hither and thither. Send me one and I will give them work, and also such a good price as they are getting in town, like in Ubens or in Ohlingersbourg. I undertook to build a house two stories high in brick, 30 x 20, and I think I can still get a framework house, if I want, also two stories high, if only I can get a good hand to work with me. Are you living in my house? Where is Kummer now and his dear wife? Her name is Molly I think? Where did they move to? Has anything been heard of Johannes Rupert, is he also in Tennessee? or not? Kindly remember me to Thaddeus. Naemy is writing a letter too. [ ] also sent you a letter, did you receive it?

Very sincerely yours,

Henry Rubbert.

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