Letters, 1786-1849
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Rubbert (Rupert), Henry/Heinrich to Henkel, Solomon G., November 9, 1802

[English translation of German text found in collection with letter]

Roan County, November 9, 1802.

Salomon, I and Matthaeus arrived on the 13th of October, and we found them all well, thanks be to the Lord. I found my wife and children all well, and now we are all very well, thanks be to the Lord. Naemy has been well already for 8 weeks and so well as she never was before, at least since I know her. Gideon can say everything now, and Sibilla is beginning to creep, and she is as far as possible, she has two teeth now, Gideon will soon be as tall as his cousin Johannes, of course not quite so, but he is very tall and strong. I am still living with the old people, and I have the intention to live here until spring. Father got a school house from the Parish. The Parish built the school house many years ago, how long I cannot tell, but before Walter has been living here, and they never held any school in the same, then father asked for it, and they granted him the house, and that is to give now a kitchen for mother, and also a shop for me, where I can work this winter. The reason why we did not receive any letters while I was staying with you was given to me by father, who said to me that he was not able to write an answer to that letter I wrote, because it was too hot, and then they were still waiting for a better letter from me, then he was going to write an answer. They were all extremely pleased when they saw me again. I am buying wheat for half a dollar the bushel, the corn for half a green [ ... ] of the local money, and I believe there is more work than I and Matthaeus will be able to do. For this short time I have already 7 families for whom I have to work, and another man who lives 20 miles from here sent to ask me if I am going to do the carpenter- work for a house for him during this winter. To morrow we have the intention to go to Guilford CountyGuilford County (N.C.) to do some joiner's work for Philip. His wife gave birth to a child, a son, Hyeronimus, who was born the 3rd of October and died the 14 of the same month from violent cramps, he was buried on the 16th of October. According to what they say the child was born with these convulsions, Naomi and I were at the funeral.

Scan of page  2 Father and Naemy were at SalisburySalisbury (N.C.) during the time I was at NewmarketNew Market (Va.), but Naemy did not like it very much, Philip bought a [plantation] The Moravians brought also the poplars into the country. They also have cheap medicine, for 50 drops only 50 shilling, if they take a breast from a woman they only charge 40 pounds cash. If you have read this letter please give the same to Francis Ries.

I am your friend

Henry Rubbert.

Naemy was at Francis Ries' friend Miller at Salisbury, he told her about Ries and was asking where he is living and so on. Miller would like us very much to move there too in order to have a neighbor, for he thinks Salisbury a good place for my trade and there are no joiners living in that city, only a drunken one who is not much good for anything. Miller had the intention to go FriedrichstadtFriedrichstadt (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), and then he would have paid you a visit, but he fell sick, and was not able to travel.