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John Adriani Papers, 1925-1988
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Personal and Biographical, 1925-1988, [series]:

The Personal Series contains items on Adriani's personal life, his education and training, and highlights of his professional career. It would be valuable to the researcher interested in biographical details of Adriani's life. Among the notable items in the series are a group of family letters written by Eleanor Adriani in the early 1940s; compositions written by Adriani for his high school English classes in the mid-1920s; notes from his medical school classes in the late 1920s and early 1930s; a detailed handwritten notebook outlining the epidemiology, pathology, clinical course, and treatment of various diseases (undated, probably 1930s); an account of Adriani's surgical internship at the French Hospital in New York City (1934-36); a file of correspondence among his former residents, Glace E. Bittenbinder, Ray Parmley and John Parmley regarding plans for his fifteenth anniversary at Charity Hospital in 1955; photographs of Adriani and information on his awards. Also found in the series are press clippings and copies of articles about Adriani and his various awards, his Congressional committee testimony, his public statements, and other events.

Personal and Family, 1925-1988 [subseries]:
1 1
Curricula vitae, 1967-1982
1 2
School compositions, 1925-1927
1 3
Family letters, 1938-1943
1a 1
Adriani family medical records, 1945-1978 [RESTRICTED PHI POLICY]
1 5
Job hunts (transfer to New Orleans), 1936-1945
1 7
Records of divorce from Eleanor Anderson Adriani, 1946-1951
1 8
Death of Eleanor Anderson Adriani (1960) and relevant materials, 1953-1961
1 9
Financial and insurance, 1962-1986
1 10
Holy Cross School, 1961-1983
1 11
Hotels and travel, 1955-1987
1 12
Public relations, 196-1972
1 13
Adriani will, 1951
1 14
Miscellaneous: personal, 1939; 1959-1988
1 15
Articles and clippings about Adriaini, 1950-1987
2 1
Photographs, undated
Medical School, 1928-1940 [subseries]:
2 2
Medical school notes: Biochemistry, undated
2 3
Medical school notes: Colloidal Chemistry, 1928
2 4
Medical school notes: Diseases, undated
2 5
Medical school notes: Neurology/Neuropathology, 1932
2 6
Medical school notes: "Rate and Rhythm and Changes in Cardiac Mechanism", undated
2 7
Medical school notes: Zoology, 1928
2 8
House surgeon's report, French Hospital, New York, October 1936
2 9
French Hospital internship: report, November 1936
2 10
Research fellowship application, 1940
Honors and Awards, 1954-1987 [subseries]:
2 11
Adriani's fifteenth anniversary at Charity Hospital: correspondence, 1954-1955
2 12
Gold medal for Distinguished Service from the Alumni of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, clippings and congratulatory letters, 1967
2 13
Gaston M. Labat Award, American Society of Regional Anesthesia, clippings and congratulatory letters, 1980
2a 1
National Italian-American/John Adriani Day, Greater New Orleanas Italian Cultural Society, March 19, 1969
2a 2
National Italian-American/John Adriani Day, press clippings & congratulatory letters, March 19 1969
2a 3
Sheen Award, American Medical Association (nomination), March 17, 1968
2a 4
Ralph M. Waters Award, 1967-1969
2a 5
Miscellaneous honors and awards, 1976-1987
3 1
Letters to John Adriani from His Friends Commemorating His Fifteenth Anniversary of Service at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans, April 1955