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John T. Watson Papers 1964-2003
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Box | Folder Title
Power Sources and Associated Devices, 1980-1984 [subseries]:
18 3a
Baxter AB 103, undated
18 3b
Baxter AB 104, undated
18 3c
Baxter [electronic device with lights], undated
18 3d
[Baxter(?) black cables woven together and linked by heavy metal clasps], undated
19 2d
Cable, undated
19 2b
[Computer board, battery(?), and assorted parts], 1984
19 2d
[PIX Pantronix chip and broken test K chip], undated
19 2d
[Square metal battery(?) with two outlets in one corner], undated
26 2
Systems 1 & 7 - Univ. of Wash. [photographs, negatives], undated
19 1
Tan and yellow cables [may be related to two gray devices], undated
18 2a
[Two heavy gray devices connected by cable], undated
University of Washington and Intermedics Inc - Full Heart Actuator - System 7 and 8 Engine Module Parts, 1980