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John T. Watson Papers 1964-2003
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Box | Folder Title
Artificial Hearts and Ventricular Assist Devices, 1975-1991 [subseries]:
17 1a
25 mm Inflow Conduit, undated
17 1b
25 mm Outflow Conduit, undated
26 1
[Heart Device Images] [photographs, slides], 1975-1976, 1984-1989
[Model 5 Series 3 device, blue wood model, plastic valve with tubing, and metal power source], undated
17 2a
Model V Series 19, undated
17 1c
Temp. Percutaneous Lead and Sub Q Access Port, undated
[Two plastic LV chambers, a metal device with a volume compensator(?), and tubes], [1980?]
17 2b
Volume Compensator Nizo, undated
Metal Ventricular Assist Devices, 1984 [subseries]:
17 2c
[Brown valve with three outlets], undated
17 2d
[Green and silver valve with metal hooks], undated
17 3a
[LVAD with cable and volume compensator(?)], undated
17 3b
[Metal and glass LVAD], undated
17 3c
Thermal Ventricular Assist System - University of Washington, 1984
Thermedics Inc LVAS, operating instructions, CD of images, negatives of same images, undated
Yellow Plastic Heart Parts, 1984-1991 [subseries]:
18 1
033116B AT/AM/S, undated
18 1
LV #195, 1984
18 1
[Plastic heart, three parts (top, bottom, inner rubber disc)], undated
18 1
[Spherical heart with five outlets], undated
18 1
University of Utah - Clam Shall Electro Hydraulic Heart - Animal Use Only - Kolff Lab. - Bi Yuan and Dan Bishop, 1991
University of Utah - Electro Hydraulic Compliance Sack LVAD and LV Component, 1990
18 2b
University of Utah - [LV Component, two parts -] Lang Shang Yu, 1989
18 2b
[Wax model (broken) of LV component and plastic prototype], undated