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John T. Watson Papers 1964-2003
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Series 5: Writings, 1964-1999 [series]:

The Writings series contains manuscripts, reprints, and published reports regarding a variety of artificial heart and cardiovascular research topics. The series is divided into three sub-series: Watson Drafts and Reprints, NHLBI Drafts and Reprints, NIH Publications. The first sub-series consists of drafts and journal articles that were authored or co-authored by Watson. Researchers should note that this is not a comprehensive set of Watson's published writings. The second sub-series includes articles by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) staff such as Frank Hastings, Frances Pitlick, and Alan Berson along with articles by researchers whose work was supported by NHLBI funding. The final sub-series contains reports, guidelines, and booklets published by the NHLBI or National Institutes of Health on topics such as the status of total artificial heart development, collaborative efforts in cardiovascular research, and arteriosclerosis. This last sub-series also includes "Salute to the Past," a publication celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the NHLBI. Each sub-series is arranged chronologically by folder date.

Watson Drafts and Reprints, 1967-1998 [subseries]:
27 7
["Development of the Frequency Response of a Class 'A' Fiber from Its Action Potential," JT Watson], 1967
27 8
["Effect of Crude Rat Hypothalamic Extract on Serum Gonadotropin and Prolactin Levels in Normal and Orchidectomized Male Rats," JT Watson, L Krulich, SM McCann], 1970-1971
27 9
[Reprints by John T. Watson], 1971-1998
27 10
[NHLI - Circulatory Assistance], 1974
27 11
"Influence of Methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol) on Regional Myocardial Blood Flow During Acute Coronary Occlusion," GK Jett, JT Watson et al, [1976]
27 12
"Past, Present, and Future of Mechanical Circulatory Support," [JT Watson], [1984]
27 13
"Present and Future of Cardiac Assist Devices," JT Watson, [1984]
27 14
["Mechanical Support for the Failing Heart," FD Altieri, JT Watson, KD Taylor], 1986 Jul
27 15
"Thromboembolic Complications of Cardiovascular Devices and Artificial Surfaces," P Didisheim, JT Watson, 1987
27 16
"Artificial Heart Program In the USA[: Hope For Tomorrow," JT Watson?], [ca. 1991]
27 17
["New Paradigm for Medical Devices," JT Watson], 1994
27 18
"Assessment of Cardiac Output Measurements with the Radioisotope Microsphere Technique," CR Rosenfeld, JT Watson et al, undated
27 19
"Mechanical Circulatory Assist Device Program, Supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute," JT Watson, undated
NHLBI Drafts and Reprints, 1964-1999 [subseries]:
27 20-21
Frank W. Hastings - Bibliography in Progress, 1964-1971, 1984
27 22-23
[Reprints Re: Research Supported by NHLBI], 1965-1993
27 24
"Thermal and Radiation Effects of PU-238 Fuel Capsules on Dogs and Primates," FN Huffman, FA Molokhia, JC Norman, 1971 Oct 19
27 25
"Systems Analysis Study for Research and Development of Respiratory Devices," LT Harmison, [ca. 1971]
27 26
[Reprints by NHLBI Staff], 1977-1992
27 27
[Untitled Speech Draft], [ca. 1982]
27 28
"Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction[: An Old Therapy Requiring New Assessment," ER Passamani], 1983 Jun 20
27 29
[Frances A. Pitlick Manuscripts] [slides], 1983, n.d.
27 30
"Cardiac and Sinoarotic Reflexes During Aortic Constriction in Awake Calves," JE Chimoskey, BA Breuhaus, SW Ely, [ca. 1984]
28 1
[Total Artificial Heart Manuscripts], 1984-[ca.1985]
28 2
"Development of an Elliptical Total Artificial Heart for Smaller Sized Recipients," Y Taenaka et al, 1985 Oct 3
28 3
"State-of-the-Art and Clinically Applied Pneumatic Artificial Hearts," DB Olsen, Y Taenaka, 1985 Oct 25
28 4
[Artificial Heart Figures and Images] [photographs, negatives], 1985
28 5
[Pennsylvania State University Writings], 1985, n.d.
28 6
"Endstage Heart Disease: Interrelationships Among Medical Management, Cardiac Transplantation and Artificial Heart Implantation," PL Frommer, 1986 Apr
28 7
New England Deaconess Hospital, 1987-1991
28 8
[Alan S. Berson Manuscripts], [ca. 1988, n.d.]
28 9
Device Figures for Ratner Book [photographs, negative], 1989
28 10
[Mechanical Support for the Failing Heart Drafts], 1989
28 11
["Breaking the Blood-Biomaterial Barrier," LH Edmunds, Jr.], 1995
28 12-13
"Improving Medical Implant Performance through Retrieval Information," [K Patrias, HS Borovetz, CA Kelley, JS Panagis], 1999
28 14
Figure 10 - Thermedics Electromechanical Ventricular Assist System [photograph], undated
28 15
Reprints and Scientific Information File, undated
NIH Publications, 1969-1994 [subseries]:
28 16
Cardiac Replacement: Medical, Ethical, Psychological and Economic Implications, 1969 Oct
32 2
Totally Implantable Nuclear Heart Assist and Artificial Heart, 1972 Feb
28 17
[National Heart, Blood Vessel, Lung and Blood Program] Volume III: Report of the Panel Chairman, 1973 Apr 6
28 18
[National Heart, Blood Vessel, Lung and Blood Program] Volume VI: Panel Reports, Part 1, Report of the Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases Panel, 1973 Apr 6
28 19
[National Heart, Blood Vessel, Lung and Blood Program] Volume I: National Heart and Lung Institute Summary, 1973 May 1
28 20
Totally Implantable Artificial Heart[: Legal, Social, Ethical, Medical, Economic, Psychological Implications], 1973 Jun
28 21
USA-CCCP: Exchange in Cardiovascular Area (1972-1977), [1978]
28 22
Guidelines for Blood-Material Interactions, 1979 May
28 23
USA-CCCP: Collaboration in Cardiovascular Research, 1979 Aug
28 24
Arteriosclerosis, Volume 1, 1981 Jun
28 25
Arteriosclerosis, Volume 2, 1981 Sep
28 26
Artificial Heart and Assist Devices: Directions, Needs, Costs, Society and Ethical Issues, 1985 May
28 27
Guidelines for Blood-Material Interactions, 1985 Sep
28 28
NIH Peer Review of Research Grant Applications, 1987 Feb
28 29
Salute to the Past [NHLBI 40th Anniversary Publication], 1987 Sep
28 30
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Report on Vascular Biology, 1990 Oct
28 31
[Report of the Task Force on Research in] Atherosclerosis, 1991 Sep
28 32
Working Group Report on the Heart in Hypertension, 1991 Sep
28 33
[Report of the Task Force on Research in] Heart Failure, 1994 May