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John T. Watson Papers 1964-2003
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Box | Folder Title
Series 3: Medical Instruments and Prototypes, 1974-1991 [series]:

This series of three-dimensional objects gathers together components of various artificial heart and cardiac assist devices as well as related design models and medical instruments. Many unidentified objects are listed in the inventory based on their physical appearance (e.g. "[Green and silver valve with metal hooks]"). There are four sub-series: Artificial Hearts and Ventricular Assist Devices, Power Sources and Associated Devices, Models, and Supplies. The Artificial Hearts and Ventricular Assist Devices sub-series consists of metal ventricular assist devices, yellow plastic heart parts, volume compensators, various conduits, and a folder of images. Several components come from Willem Kolff's Laboratory at the University of Utah. Of particular note is the original silver carrying case that contains a Thermedics Inc Left Ventricular Assist System, operating instructions, negatives, and a CD of images. The Power Sources and Associated Devices sub-series consists of batteries, computer parts, cables, module parts, and a folder of images. The Models sub-series includes diagrams and three-dimensional renderings in wood or metal. The Supplies sub-series contains miscellaneous items such as jars, blood oxygenators, and catheters. The intellectual arrangement of the objects is alphabetical by name or description. The physical housing was based on the relative size, shape, and weight of the objects; individual compartments were constructed to store each item within a box. Folder numbers for boxes 17-20 refer to the item's compartment.

Artificial Hearts and Ventricular Assist Devices, 1975-1991 [subseries]:
17 1a
25 mm Inflow Conduit, undated
17 1b
25 mm Outflow Conduit, undated
26 1
[Heart Device Images] [photographs, slides], 1975-1976, 1984-1989
[Model 5 Series 3 device, blue wood model, plastic valve with tubing, and metal power source], undated
17 2a
Model V Series 19, undated
17 1c
Temp. Percutaneous Lead and Sub Q Access Port, undated
[Two plastic LV chambers, a metal device with a volume compensator(?), and tubes], [1980?]
17 2b
Volume Compensator Nizo, undated
Metal Ventricular Assist Devices, 1984 [subseries]:
17 2c
[Brown valve with three outlets], undated
17 2d
[Green and silver valve with metal hooks], undated
17 3a
[LVAD with cable and volume compensator(?)], undated
17 3b
[Metal and glass LVAD], undated
17 3c
Thermal Ventricular Assist System - University of Washington, 1984
Thermedics Inc LVAS, operating instructions, CD of images, negatives of same images, undated
Yellow Plastic Heart Parts, 1984-1991 [subseries]:
18 1
033116B AT/AM/S, undated
18 1
LV #195, 1984
18 1
[Plastic heart, three parts (top, bottom, inner rubber disc)], undated
18 1
[Spherical heart with five outlets], undated
18 1
University of Utah - Clam Shall Electro Hydraulic Heart - Animal Use Only - Kolff Lab. - Bi Yuan and Dan Bishop, 1991
University of Utah - Electro Hydraulic Compliance Sack LVAD and LV Component, 1990
18 2b
University of Utah - [LV Component, two parts -] Lang Shang Yu, 1989
18 2b
[Wax model (broken) of LV component and plastic prototype], undated
Power Sources and Associated Devices, 1980-1984 [subseries]:
18 3a
Baxter AB 103, undated
18 3b
Baxter AB 104, undated
18 3c
Baxter [electronic device with lights], undated
18 3d
[Baxter(?) black cables woven together and linked by heavy metal clasps], undated
19 2d
Cable, undated
19 2b
[Computer board, battery(?), and assorted parts], 1984
19 2d
[PIX Pantronix chip and broken test K chip], undated
19 2d
[Square metal battery(?) with two outlets in one corner], undated
26 2
Systems 1 & 7 - Univ. of Wash. [photographs, negatives], undated
19 1
Tan and yellow cables [may be related to two gray devices], undated
18 2a
[Two heavy gray devices connected by cable], undated
University of Washington and Intermedics Inc - Full Heart Actuator - System 7 and 8 Engine Module Parts, 1980
Models, undated [subseries]:
19 3b
Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company MK VIII Engine, undated
19 2a
[Circular white wood piece with separate hand-sized white part (University of Washington TVAS?)], undated
19 3c
McConnell Douglas - Advanced System 7 Stirling/Hydraulic Power Source for Artificial Hearts, undated
McConnell Douglas - Free-Piston Stirling Engine diagram, undated
19 3a
McConnell Douglas - System 6 Stirling/Hydraulic Power Source for Artificial Hearts, undated
19 2c
Nimbus, Inc, [2 gray LVAD parts?], undated
Nuclear Engine for Artificial Heart Systems, undated
19 3d
[Small silver cup, circular disc, and long metal piece with red and blue accents], undated
19 3e-3f
[Two heavy white power source models?], undated
Supplies, 1974-1991 [subseries]:
20 1a
Abcor glass jar, undated
26 3
Catheter, undated
20 2a
DOW Hollow Fiber Blood Oxygenator NO. P-304, undated
20 2b
DOW Module 1 - Do-38 [Blood oxygenator], undated
20 1b
Konigsberg Instruments, Inc - P31-1 Capacitance Catheter Transducer Prototype, 1974
20 1f
Novacor - Modified Carpentier [Baxter] Edwards Bioprosthetic Supra Annula Valve, 1991
20 1f
Novacor - Modified Carpentier [Baxter] Edwards Bioprosthetic Supra Annula Valve, 1991
20 1e
Platinum Wire for Contact Angle Measurements, undated
20 1c
Tecoflex Bladder #315, Model 11-4C - Reject, 1977
20 2b
Thermedics, Inc - Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter - Radiopaque, undated
20 1d
Unlabeled glass jar, undated