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Edward D. Freis Papers 1926-2004
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Writings about Freis's work, 1952-2002 [subseries]:
9 5
Davis, Maxine. "Hypertension," Good Housekeeping, 1952 May
21 8
Silverman, Milton. "It knocks down high blood pressure," The Saturday Evening Post, 1952 July 12
9 6
de Kruif, Paul. "Rauwolfia Against High Blood Pressure," Reader's Digest, 1954 Aug
21 1
Pearse, Ben. "The Pill with the Built-In Surprise," The Saturday Evening Post, 1958 Oct 4
9 7
Contemporaries: Edward D. Freis, M.D., Modern Medicine, 1962 Nov
9 8
Galton, Lawrence. "High Blood Pressure: New Light on a Hidden Killer," Reader's Digest, 1971 Jun
9 9
Stoler, Peter and Jean Bergerud. "Hypertension: Conquering the Silent Killer," Time, 1975 Jan 13
21 7
Bloom, Hugh. "Men who changed therapeutics: Dr. Edward D. Freis, proving the value of antihypertensive therapy," Therapies, 1979 May 12
9 10
Moore, Thomas J. "How Doctors Oversell the Risks of High Blood Pressure," Washingtonian, 1990 Aug
9 11
Moser, Marvin. Myths, Misconceptions, and Heroics: the Story of theTreatment of Hypertension from the 1930's, 1997