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Vernon E. Wilson Papers 1953-1981
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General [subseries]:

This subseries contains publications from a variety of sources and largely discuss medical science, medical practice, or public health policy. Significantly, the series contains a number of articles that cover medical ethics, an issue in which Dr. Wilson had long expressed an interest. The materials include a substantial report prepared by the Society for Health and Human Values subtitled Human Values Teaching Program for Health Professionals and two reprints of the Society's annual orations. Other topics in this subseries include biostatistics, the health care market, and university hospital programs.

79 1-2
Biostatistics [By W. Seeman, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry, University, University of Kansas School of Medicine], 1960
79 3
Bits and Pieces [Ed. Marvin Gregory, Economic Press, Inc.], 1978
79 4
The College of Chinese Acupuncture (UK): Regulations and Syllabuses, 1972
79 5
Essay on Management [G. McLeod, M.D.], [ca. 1973]
79 6
Family Meditation Guide [E. Sohr], 1974
79 7
A Glossary of Health Care Terms [State University of New York, School of Medicine, Health Science Center], 1973
79 8
Health Care and the Health Market [S.P. Martin], [1974]
79 9
Health Paper of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, 1976
79 10
Human Values in Medical Education [J.R. Ellis], 1976
79 11
An "Image" for Missouri's Public Libraries [W. Stephenson], 1962
79 12
Innovation Stirs Up Medical Schools [by. J.Goldberg re: Interview with Vernon Wilson], July 1968
79 13
Institute on Human Values in Medicine: Human Values Teaching Programs for Health Professionals [Society for Human Values], April 1974
79 14
Laboratory Guide for Elements of Physiology, 3rd Edition [W.S. Platner and D.K. Meyer], 1961
80 1
Medicine and Philosophy: Some Notes on Flirtations....[E. Pelligrino, Annual Oration of the Society for Health and Human Values, November 8, 1973
80 2
Microbiology and Medicine: Notes on Science and Society [R.R. Wagner, ASM News], 1975
80 3
Missouri Health Power Analyses: Pediatric Manpower [MIssouri Department of Social Services, Division of Special Services], 1975
80 4
On the Functions of Incompetence [Lee Thayer, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine], 1975
80 5
A Requiem for the University Hospitals? [North Central Regional Consortia for the Midwest University Teaching Council], June 1979
80 6
Tennessee's Approach to the Implementation of a National Health Insurance Plan: Dissertation Defense, University of Texas School of Public Health [M. Bruner], 1975
80 7
The Thoughts of Chairman M.A. ....[J.M.A. Weiss, Journal of Operational Psychiatry], 1976
80 8
The Treatment of Stage C. Prostatic Cancer with Special Reference to Combined Surgical and Radiation Therapy [R.H. Flocks, Transactions of the American Association of Genito-Urinary Surgeons], 1972