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Vernon E. Wilson Papers 1953-1981
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Photographic Prints, (1956, 1970-1988) [series]:

This series consists of photographs of Dr. Wilson, individually or in groups; individuals with which he was associated; and scenes of buildings or subjects with which Dr. Wilson was connected. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual or object photographed. Pictures of buildings are identified by institutional affiliation. A substantial amount of photographs depict Dr. Wilson's swearing-in as the Administrator of Health Services and Mental Health Administration (HSMHA), the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) in 1970. The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Elliott Richardson, appears in photographs with Dr. Wilson on numerous occasions. Additionally, the series contains a portrait of Caspar Weinberger (ca. 1972) from the HSMHA period. As a representative of the University of Kansas on the 1956 Midshipman Training Cruise, Dr. Wilson received a photograph of the Battleship U.S.S. Des Moines on which he sailed to commemorate the occasion. Photographs of the HSMHA's eight Public Health Service Hospitals (ca. 1971), snapshots of sections of the Vanderbilt Clinic in 1988, and the groundbreaking of the University of Missouri Truman Medical Center in 1977 are among some of the other photographs in this series.

81 1
Avery Fisher Hall, New York Philharmonic, November 1976
81 2
Battleship U.S.S. Des Moines, 1956
81 3
Davis, Ruth, National Bureau of Standards, Institute for Computer Science and Technology, 1977
81 4
Hall, Benny B., Deputy Administrator, HSMHA, [1970]
81 5
HSMHA, Public Health Service Hospitals, [ca. 1971]
81 6
St. John's Hospital, Cardiovascular Care Unit, Springfield, MO - Proofsheet, April 30, 1972
81 7
University of Missouri, Truman Medical Center, Demolition of Old German Hospital, 1977
81 8
Vanderbilt Clinic, Area View, [ca. 1988]
81 9
Vanderbilt Clinic, Department of Pathology, Tour by Laboratory Workers of the 4th Floor, [ca. 1988]
81 10
Wagner, Charles, 1979
81 11
Weinberger, Caspar, [1972]
81 12
Westin, Alan, Columbia University and National Bureau of Standards, 1977
81 13
Wilson, Vernon, Group Pictures, 1975
81 14
Wilson, Vernon, HSMHA Directorship, [1970-1972]
81 15
Wilson, Vernon HSMHA Swearing-In Ceremony, 1970
81 16
Wilson, Vernon, with Elliott Richardson, [1970-1972]
81 17
Wilson, Vernon, Portraits, [1970]
81 18
Wilson, Vernon, Portraits, 1975