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Vernon E. Wilson Papers 1953-1981
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Other Professional Activities, (1970-1979) [series]:

This series consists of records which relate to Dr. Wilson's other professional activities, excluding his work at the University of Kansas, University of Missouri, and Vanderbilt University Medical School. Record types include correspondence, reports, printed material, and meeting agendas. Generally the records cover his tenure as Administrator of Health Services and Mental Health Administration (HSMHA), Department of Health Education and Welfare (HEW); his work as a professional consultant to universities; and his memberships on various Boards of Directors or professional committees.

Two folders containing correspondence regarding membership renewals at the beginning of the series provide a list of Dr. Wilson's professional affiliations. The remaining records are arranged alphabetically and follow a hierarchical sequence so that records from each organization are grouped together and, thereafter, appropriate subgroupings within each organization are provided.

Professional organizations represented in the records are the American Board of Family Practice; various subcommittees of the American Medical Association, including the Council on Medical Education's Residency Review Committee as well as the Liaison Committee for Graduate Medical Education; Appalachian Regional Hospitals, Inc.; and the National Commission on Arthritis, Community Programs Working Group. Dr. Wilson's work as a consultant to various universities highlights some of the issues important to medical education at the time. The results of the University of Southern California's School of Medicine efforts to collect data on physician activities by medical specialty to determine the country's physician manpower needs appear in the records in a series of practice study reports. As a member of an evaluation team for the University of Missouri's Department of Pathology program in the late 1970s, Dr. Wilson received correspondence and evaluation reports regarding the program from Fred V. Lucas, Pathology Department chairman.

Notable among the materials concerning Dr. Wilson's work outside his university affiliations is information regarding the Appalachian Regional Hospitals, Inc. when he served as an observer at its Board meetings in the mid-1970s. A small portion of Dr. Wilson's papers in this collection document his years as Director of the HSMHA and include, briefing papers, a report on HSMHA programs, the Spanish Speaking Street Project Report, congressional hearing briefings, and a roster of HSMHA public advisory members.

14 1-2
Professional Society Memberships, 1974-1977
American Board of Family Practice, 1969-1970; 1981 [subseries]:
14 3
Directory of Diplomats, 1981
14 4
Information for Meeting on April 30, 1970, (1970)
14 5
Information for Meeting on August 12, 1970, (1970)
14 6
Meeting Minutes, 1969-1970
American Medical Association (AMA), 1967-1976 [subseries]:
Council on Medical Education, 1973-1975 [subseries]:
14 7
General, 1973-1975
14 8
Committee on Emergency Medicine, 1974-1975
14 9
Residency Review Committee, 1973
14 10
Residency Review Committee, 1974
15 1-2
Liaison Committee for Graduate Medical Education, Subcommittee Report on Financing, 1973-1975
15 3
Mission Group 5, 1974
Appalachian Regional Hospitals, Inc., 1967-1975 [subseries]:
General (4f), 1967-1976
15 4
Board Meeting May 7, 1976 - Informational Materials, 1976
16 1
Report to the Appalachian Regional Commission, 1976
Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, 1969-1975
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Health Services and Mental Health Administration (HSMHA), 1970-1973 [subseries]:
16 2
Briefing Materials, 1970
16 3
Federal Council for Science and Technology, Report on Automation Opportunities, 1972
16 4
National Center for Health Statistics, Congressional Hearings, 1973
16 5
Public Health Service Hospitals, [ca. 1973]
16 6
Review of Programs and Organizations, 1973
16 7
Roster of Members, 1970
16 8
Spanish Speaking Street Project Report, August 1973
17 1-3
"Stastical Analysis of Statutory Authorities Relating to HS Activities" (3f), 1973
17 4
Kentucky Commonwealth, Report to the Council on Public Higher Education, 1973
17 5-9
National Commission on Arthritis, Community Programs Work Group (5f), 1975
National Commission on Arthritis, 1975 [subseries]:
18 1
Community Programs Work Group, 1975
18 2
Community Programs Work Group, Final Report, 1975
18 3
Ohio State University, "Kidney Therapy and Public Policy: Study of Medical Innovation", 1973
18 4
System Engineering Committee (SECOM), Biomedical Working Group, 1973-1974
18 5
University of Illinois, Regional Health Resource Center, Computer Laboratory, Health Care Resources Project Advisory Group, 1972-1973
18 6
University of Minnesota, Health Sciences Governance Study, 1977
University of Missouri, Department of Pathology Evaluation Study, 1976 [subseries]:
18 7
Administration, 1976
18 8
Background and Research, 1976
18 9-10
Curricula Vitae, 1976
18 11-12
Educational Programs, [ca. 1976]
9 1
Five Year Plan, 1975
19 2
Practice Programs, 1976
19 3
Residency Training Program, [ca. 1976]
University of Southern California, School of Medical Research, Research in Medical Education Division, 1975-1979 [subseries]:
19 4
Allergy Practice Study Report, 1978
19 5
Cardiology Practice Study Report, 1978
19 6
Comprehensiveness of Care and Physician Productivity in General Internal Medicine, 1978
19 7
Dermatology Practice Study Report, 1978
19 8
Endocrinology Practice Study Report, 1978
19 9
Family Practice Study Report, 1978
19 20
General Correspondence, 1975-1978
19 21
General Practice Study Report, 1978
19 22
Infectious Diseases Practice Study Report, 1978
19 23
Medical Activities and Manpower Projects Year 3 Report, 1975-1976
19 24
Neurology Practice Study Report, 1979
20 1
Otorhinolaryngology Practice Study Report, 1977
20 2
Part I, Technical Proposal, Anaysis and Validation of Effort Distribution of Physicians in Twenty-Four Specialties, 1975
20 3
Part I, Technical Proposal, Physician Manpower: A Survey of Time Spent in Different Professional Activities by Physicians of Twenty-Four Specialties, 1975
20 4
Pediatrics Practice Study Report, 1978
20 5
Physician Extender Profile Study, 1975
20 6
Pulmonary Disease Practice Study Report, 1978
20 7
Rheumatology Practice Study Report, 1978
20 8
Sample Participant Letters, 1976
20 9
Washburn University of Topeka, The Community School Health Project, Proposal for a Model Design, 1973