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Albert Baird Hastings Papers 1858-1987 (bulk 1920-1987)
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By Hastings - Reprints not included in bound set [subseries]:
83 19
Reprint lists, undated
83 20
"Vita", c.1921
83 21
"University of Chicago Division of Biological Sciences Special Foundations for Medical Research", 1931
83 22
"Electrical changes in the isolated heart of the rabbit following changes in the potassium content of the perfusing fluid", 1933
83 23
"Liver glycogen from lactic acid containing radioactive carboxyl carbon", 1940
83 24
"Metabolism of C14-labeled glycerol and C14-labeld pyruvate by rat liver, in vitro", 1951
83 25
"A study of the influence of the inorganic ion environment on the convulsions induced in pigeons by fluorocitrate", 1953
83 26
"Studies on carbohydrate metabolism in rat liver slices III. Utilization of glucose and fructose by liver from normal and diabetic animals", 1954
84 1
"Origin of glucose and glycogen carbons formed from C14-labeled pyruvate by livers of normal and diabetic rats", 1955
84 2
"Note on the acid-base balance of the blood of rabbits following the intracerebral injection of fluorocitrate", 1955
84 3
"Hormonally induced changes in glucose-6-phosphatase activity in rat liver", undated
84 4
"Atoms in the medical school - an address given at the Alumni Day symposium, 1956", 1957
84 5
"In search of our medical future", 1963
84 6
"Pyocyanin and metabolic pathways in liver slices in vitro", 1963
84 7
"Donald Dexter Van Slyke - the 20th century iatro-chemist", 1964
84 8
"Environmental factors affecting conversion of acetate-1-14C to fatty acids and cholesterol by liver in vitro", 1965