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Robert M. Chanock Papers 1933-2008 (bulk 1950-2008)
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Unnumbered Reprints by Dr. Chanock, 1954-2005 [subseries]:
59 47
Respiratory syncytial vaccine - with Murphy, Collins, and Olmsted, undated
59 48
Recovery and characterization of hemagglutinins from two immunologically distinct types of dengue virus - with Sabin and Sweet, c.1954
59 49
III. Production of illness and clinical observations in adult volunteers, 1961
59 50
Primary atypical pneumonia, 1966
59 51
Genetic approaches to the prevention of influenza A virus infection - with Murphy, 1981
59 52
Strain-specific serum antibody response in infants undergoing primary infection with respiratory syncytial virus - with Hendry, Burns, Walsh, Graham, Wright, Hemming, Rodriguez, Kim, Prince, McIntosh, and Murphy, 1988
59 53
Antigenic analysis of the dengue virus envelope glycoprotein using synthetic peptides - with Markoff, Bray, Lai, Eckels, Summers, Gentry, Houghten, and Lerner, 1988
59 54
Comparison of live and inactivated tick-borne encephalitis virus vaccines for safety, immunogenicity and efficacy in rhesus monkeys - with Rumyantsev, Murphy, and Pletnev, 2005