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Robert M. Chanock Papers 1933-2008 (bulk 1950-2008)
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Drafts by Dr. Chanock, c.1960s-c.2007 [subseries]:
59 55
Untitled fragments, undated
59 56
Acute respiratory disease of infancy and childhood - present understanding and prospects for prevention, undated
59 57
Blueprint for use of live virus vaccine to prevent a pandemic of influenza A virus - with Murphy and Spring, undated
59 58
Decreased virulence and protective effect of a genetically stable temperature-sensitive mutant of m. pneumoniae in human volunteers, undated
59 59
Infection of immature white mice by the addition of western equine encephalitis virus to the feed, undated
59 60
Parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial, and New Castle disease viruses - with Parrott (title page only), undated
59 61
Development of immunity - outline, c.1960s
59 62
Prospects for control of auto viral mycoplasmal respiratory tract disease by vaccination, c.1960s
59 63
Untitled draft re pediatric respiratory illnesses at Camp Lejeune 1959-1963, c.1964
59 64
The contribution of adenoviruses to respiratory tract illness among children, c.1965
59 65
The relationship of mycoplasma pneumoniae to pediatric respiratory tract disease - with Canchola, Brandt, Kim, and Parrott, 1970
59 66
Guide for the collection and transport of virological specimens, 1975
59 67
Virus and mycoplasma pneumoniae in respiratory disease patients, January 1975-June 1976 - with Brandt, Kim, Arrobio, and Parrott, c.1977
59 68
Isolation and characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants of influenza A virus, 1977
59 69
Bovine respiratory syncytial virus: studies in experimental animals - with Prince, Suffin, Horswood, Camargo, Prevar, and Sly, 1980
59 70
Respiratory syncytial virus in cotton rats: growth, antigenicity and protective efficacy of two temperature-sensitive, live virus vaccine candidates, ts-1-NG-1 and ts-1-NG-16 - with Prince, Horswood, Prevar, Camargo, Suffin, and Spring, 1980
59 71
HLA antigens in severe respiratory syncytial virus disease in infants and early childhood - with Johnson, Kiim, Hartzman, Parrott, Woody, and Sell, 1981
59 72
Studies of avian-human reassortant influenza A viruses in seronegative (HAE<1:8) adult volunteers, 1984-86 - with Clements, Murphy, Snyder, Buckler-White, Tierney, Betts, Dolin, Black, and Sears, 1986
59 73
Respiratory syncytial virus: thirty-five year status report on research achievements, opportunities and frustrations, 1991
59 74
A live cold-passaged temperature-sensitive mutant of human respiratory syncytial virus is highly attenuated, genetically stable, immunogenic, and efficacious against wild type challenge in seronegative chimpanzees, 1993
59 75
"Cold-passaged and temperature sensitive (ts) derivatives of the partially attenuated respiratory syncytial virus ts-4 mutant are more restricted in replication in mice - with Crowe, Jr., Hsu, Lubeck, and Murphy, c.1994
59 76
Short summary of studies of chimeric viruses as candidates for live attenuated vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis, 2000-2005
59 77
Comparison of live and inactivated tick-borne encephalitis virus vaccines for immunogenicity and efficacy in rhesus monkeys - with Rumyantsev, Murphy, and Pletnev, 2005
59 78
Early experiences with influenza adjuvated vaccines, c.2007