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Julius Axelrod Papers 1910-2004 (bulk 1946-1999)
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Series 3: Writings and Publications, 1910-2003, [series]:

This series contains the writings of Axelrod, the majority of which are reprints from scientific journals and monographs. The first of six subseries features both loose and bound reprints by Axelrod. Bound volumes of reprints dating from 1948-1978 comprise the first half of the subseries; these volumes cover drug metabolism, the pineal gland, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and catecholamines. Nearly complete in their coverage of his enormous body of early scientific work, Axelrod organized each volume of reprints into subject categories and arranged them chronologically. Axelrod also kept loose copies of his articles and numbered them in chronological order; these articles, along with a copy of the corresponding bibliography, make up the second half of this subseries.

The second and third subseries contain manuscripts, interviews, and other works by Axelrod. Included in the Manuscripts subseries are the typescripts of Axelrod's master's thesis and doctoral dissertation, while the third subseries features the transcript of a question-and-answer session with Axelrod on the history of pharmacology. Actual audio- and videorecordings of interviews with Axelrod are contained within the Audiovisuals series. All materials in both of these subseries are arranged chronologically.

The fourth subseries includes books written by others, all inscribed to Axelrod. These are arranged alphabetically by author. The fifth subseries contains reprints by other authors that Axelrod collected, arranged first by general subject and then by year. Subjects of these reprints include catecholamines, the pineal gland, and narcotic microsomes. Some of these reprints have been marked or annotated by Axelrod or by the article's author. The final subseries consists of miscellaneous figures and charts arranged by subject. The figures were used either as overheads, slides, or diagrams for articles. To avoid further deterioration of some damaged materials, these items were copied and the originals destroyed.

3.1 Articles by Axelrod [subseries]:
Bound volumes [subseries]:
8 vol. 1
Drug Metabolism, 1948-1962

Sections: Analgesics; Anticoagulants; Ascorbic Acid; Xanthines; Adrenergic Blockers; Sympathomimetic Amines; Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD); Glucuronides; SKF-525A; Microsomal Enzymes; Narcotic Drugs; Methods; Miscellaneous

8 vol. 2
Adrenaline and other sympathomimetic amines, 1953-1963

Sections: Metabolism in vivo; Metabolism in vitro; Psychological Disposition and Storage; Effect of Drugs; Effect of Hormones

9 vol. 3
Storage and metabolism of noradrenaline, 1963-1966

Sections: Storage and Release; Effects of Drugs; Metabolism; Brain Noradrenaline

9 vol. 4
Indoles pineal histamine, 1959-1966

Sections: Serotonin and Tryptamine; Formation and Metabolism of Melatonin; Actions of Melatonin; Control of Melatonin Synthesis; Serotonin and Adrenaline Rhythms in the Pineal; Histamine; Enzymes; Miscellaneous

10 vol. 5
Catecholamines, 1966-1969

Sections: Noradrenaline: Storage and Release; Noradrenaline: Effect of Drugs; Noradrenaline: Extraneuronal Stores; Noradrenaline: Control of Phenylethanolamine-N-Methyl Transferase; Noradrenaline: Effect of Hormones; Hypertension; Monoamine Oxidase

10 vol. 6
Indoles pineal circadian rhythms, 1966-1969

Sections: Serotonin; Pineal: Melatonin in vivo and in vitro; Pineal: Tissue Culture; Pineal: Neural Control; Tyrosine Transaminase; Miscellaneous

11 vol. 7
Catecholamines, 1969-1973

Sections: Reviews; Tyrosine Hydroxylase; Dopamine-β-Hydroxylase Regulation; Dopamine-β-Hydroxylase Release; Plasma Dopamine-β-Hydroxylase; Phenylethanolamine-N-Methyltransferase; Development; Catechol-O-Methyltransferase; Miscellaneous

11 vol. 8
Pineal, Amines, Drugs, 1969-1973

Sections: Pineal Gland; Tryptamine; Octopamine and Phenylethanolamine; Tyrosine Transmaminase; Methyltransferases; Tetrahydrocannabinol; Amphetamine

12 vol. 9
Catecholamines, 1973-1978

Sections: Reviews; Hypertension; Dopamine-β-Hydroxylase; Brain; Regulation; Release; Hormones; Metabolism

12 vol. 10
Pineal, Amines, Methylation, 1973-1978

Sections: Pineal N-acetyltransferase; Pineal -Adrenergic Receptor; Octopamine; Amines; Protein Carboxymethylase; Phospholipid Methylation; Thyroid TRH; Catechol Estrogens

Loose Articles [subseries]:
22 1
Bibliography, 2003
22 2-48
Articles 1 - 280, 1948-1969
23 1-47
Articles 281 - 511, 1969-1982
23 48-50
Articles [512 - 578], 1982-2003
24 1
"Neurotransmitters and Psychoactive Drugs," The Journal of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill vol. 7 no. 4, 1996
24 2
Articles, undated
3.2 Manuscripts [subseries]:
24 3
"The Ester-Hydrolizing Actions of the Tissues of Polyneuretic, Normal, 'Cured' and Thiamin Fed Rats" [master's degree thesis], Feb 1941
24 4-5
"The Fate of Sympathomimetic Phenylisopropylamines" [Ph.D. dissertation], Oct 1955
24 6
Brady, Frank M. A Singular View: the Art of Seeing with One Eye [introduction by Axelrod], 1971-2003
24 7
Chemistry in Medicine: A study by the sub-committee of the Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs of the American Chemical Society, Mar 1972
24 8
"Regulation of Circadian Rhythms of Indoleamines in the Pineal Gland", [ca. 1980]
24 9
"Mental Illness, Drugs, and Neurotransmitters", undated
24 10
"Microsomal Enzymes that Metabolize Drugs", undated
24 11
[Reminiscences], undated
24 12
"A Tribute to Bernard Brodie", undated
3.3 Interviews and Other Writings [subseries]:
24 13
"By the Year 2000" [interview], 1968
9 vol.
Richard J. Wurtman, Julius Axelrod, and Douglas E. Kelly, The Pineal, 1968
24 14
"Signal Transduction in Cloned [Cholenergic] Muscarinic Receptors" [lecture], 28 Jun 1994
24 15
[Question and Answer Session with Julius Axelrod on the History of Pharmacology], 14 Apr 1997
3.4 Articles by Others [subseries]:
Arranged by Subject [subseries]:
24 16
24 17
Catecholamine Reviews
24 18
History of Pharmacology
24 19
24 20
Narcotics Microsomes, Drug Metabolism
24 21
24 22
24 23
24 24
Stress Hormones, Pituitary
Miscellaneous articles [subseries]:
24 25
24 26
24 27
24 28
24 29
24 30
24 31
24 32
24 33
24 34
3.5 Books by Others [subseries]:
25 vol.
Baulieu, E.E., Ed. Hormones: Aspects Fondamentaux et Physio-Pathologiques, 1978
25 vol.
Edelman, Gerald M. Neural Darwinism: the Theory of Neuronal Group Selection, 1987
25 vol.
Goodwin, Frederick K. and Kay Redfield Jamison. Manic-Depressive Illness, 1990
3.6 Charts and Figures [subseries]:
24 35
Adrenaline and Pineal, part 1
24 36
Adrenaline and Pineal, part 2
24 37
Drug Metabolism, part 1
24 38
Drug Metabolism, part 2
24 39
Pineal and Rhythms
24 40
Stress Hormones, Pituitary
24 41