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Julius Axelrod Papers 1910-2004 (bulk 1946-1999)
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Series 1: Personal and Biographical, 1950-2004, [series]:

Although this series offers few primary accounts of Axelrod's early life and career, secondary biographical sketches and articles cover much of his scientific activities throughout the late 1970s. Just like the Professional Activities series, this series only has a small sampling of materials from Axelrod's career during the late-1980s and 1990s. Still, these materials give the researcher good information on Axelrod's entire career, specifically his laboratory work and discoveries, and his winning the Nobel Prize in 1970, which is also documented in the Nobel Prize and Other Awards series.

The first subseries contains biographical materials and essays about Axelrod; writings by Axelrod, including his 1968 book on the Pineal Gland, are found in the Writings and Publications series. The second subseries contains numerous articles and clippings devoted to Axelrod at various stages in his life and career. The final subseries of miscellaneous materials includes two folders of clippings that cover some of the political issues with which Axelrod became involved following his 1970 receipt of the Nobel Prize, as well as some personal correspondence and materials relating to close colleagues.

1.1 Biographical [subseries]:
1 1
Biographical sketches, 1972-ca. 1990
1 2
Hugh K. Howerton, Nobelists I Knew, 1982
1 3
Axelrod entry for Biographical Dictionary of Nobel Laureates in Physiology and Medicine, 1988
1 4
Leichtling family reunion brochure, 2-4 Nov 1990
1 5
Scientist and Science Teachers (includes Axelrod biography), 1991
1 6
Curriculum Vitae, 1996-2004
1 7
American Immigrant Wall of Honor certificate, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island Foundation, undated
1.2 Articles about Julius Axelrod [subseries]:
1 8
"Contemporaries - Julius Axelrod, Ph.D." Modern Medicine, 9 Mar 1970
1 9
Robert Kanigel, "The Mentor Chain," At Rensselaer: The Rensselaer Alumni Bulletin and The Johns Hopkins Magazine, Dec 1981
1 10
Rick McGuire, untitled article on Axelrod, Oct 2002
1 11
NIH Record articles, 1953-2001
1 12
Articles in other NIH publications, 1970-1991
1 13
Journal/magazine articles, 1953-1970
1 14
Journal/magazine articles, 1971-1988
1 15
Journal/magazine articles, 1992-2003
21 1
Journal/magazine articles (oversized), 1961-1971
1 16
Clippings, 1950-1965
1 17
Clippings, 1967-1990
1 18
Clippings, undated
1.3 Miscellaneous [subseries]:
2 1
Materials relating to Bernard Witkop, 1958-2003
2 2
Personal correspondence, 1970-1975
2 3
Materials relating to Seymour Kety, 1971-2000
2 4
Protests and political activism by scientific community, 1971-1975
2 5
Milestones in Chemistry calendar, 1994