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George St. John Perrott Papers 1920-1980
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Biographical Note

A native of Grand Forks, North Dakota, George St. John Perrott, earned a Masters degree in physics from the University of North Dakota. He subsequently trained as a chemist at Princeton. His early career was devoted to research chemistry with the U.S. Army Chemical Corps and the U.S. Bureau of Mines. In 1933 he joined the U.S. Public Health Service as a biostatistician. He directed the National Health Survey (1935-1936) which provided estimates and projections of U.S. disability and illness on a national scale. He served three Surgeons General as Chief of the Division of Public Health Method. After retirement, Perrott organized an international conference on health studies for the NIH. His work after becoming director of research and statistics for the Group Health Association of America in 1962 provided support for the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973.