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Michael Heidelberger Papers 1901-1990 (bulk 1940-1975)
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Series 8: Professional writings, 1955-1989 [series]:

Included in this series are drafts and reprints of articles and writings by Heidelberger intended for publication, as well as several written commentaries on books in his field. Writings found in Series 1 contain personal writings not intended for the scientific public. There is also some information concerning republication of articles.

27 18
[Book review - Biological Aspects of Immunity], 1955
27 19
[Preface to Lectures in Immunochemistry], 1956
27 20
[Book review - The Clonal Selection Theory of Acquired Immunity], 1956
27 21
"Structure and Immunological Specificity of Polysaccharides", 1960
27 22
Mis. [proof of article "Immunological Relationships Between Bacteria Belonging to Two Separate Families: Pneumococci and Klebsiella"], 1975
27 23
["Cross-Reactions of polysaccharides of Pseudomonas acrugenosa in antipneumococcal and other antisera" - notes on publication], 1979; 1986
27 24
Chapter 3 [draft and correspondence regarding "A 'Pure' Organic Chemist's Downward Path: Chapter 3 "Retirement"], 1980
27 25
"Antibodies as labeled globulins"[draft article and publication correspondence], 1982
27 26
"Fifty Years Ago", 1982
27 27
Immunological Reviews republication [re: Chapter 1 of "A 'Pure' Organic Chemist's Downward Path:], 1984
27 28
"Immunologic Revolution: Facts and Witnesses" [draft], 1987
27 29
"Antisera to Bacterial Polysaccharides Reexamined: IgM Preciptins Relative to 7s Preciptins in Storage - Stable Equine Antisera to Pneumococcal Polysaccharides" with J.V. Chuba and J.D. Oppenheim, 1989
27 30
"Loss of a Sage", 1989
27 31
"Immunology of the Bacterial Cell Envelope Section I - Gram-positive Bacteria"
27 32
"An Aspect of Carbohydrate Chemistry at Columbia and Birmingham"
27 33
"Riassunto di recenti studi sulla constituzione chemica e specicita immunologica"