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Joshua Lederberg Papers 1904-2008
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General Photographs, 1941-2003 [subseries]:

The General Photographs sub-series contains photographs that do not include Joshua Lederberg. There are photographs of objects, buildings, and Lederberg's colleagues. There are photographs of United States Naval Reserve Units at Columbia University, the University of Wisconsin genetics building, Lederberg's 1958 Nobel Prize diploma, and a plaque honoring Lederberg in the archway of the Yale University Oswald Botanical Library. There are also photographs of Francis J. Ryan, Edward L. Tatum, the entire Columbia University Zoology Department, and several others. Lederberg created a list of these images providing identifying information for the various individuals. Many slides of these images also exist as slides in the Slides subseries.

The photographs are arranged in chronological order.

171 109a
Oswald T. Avery Exhibit with Negatives, undated
171 110
Herbert S. Gasser and Simon Flexner, undated
171 111
Plaque Honoring Lederberg in Archway of Yale University Oswald Botanical Library, undated
171 112
Various Photographs of Individuals [photos 1-22; numbered index provided], undated
171 113-114
Various Photographs of Individuals (1 of 2) [photos 1-109; numbered index provided], undated; ca.1950s
171 115
Jastrow lecturing at AISL, 1941
171 116
Jack Edman, 1942-1966
171 117
Columbia University V-12 USNR Units, 1944
171 118
USNH St. Albans (U.S. Navy V-12's), 1944
171 119
Dr. Francis J. Ryan at work at Columbia University, 1950
171 120
Dr. Francis J. Ryan with a dogfish, 1950
171 121
Columbia University Zoology Department, 1954
171 121a
Lantern Slide Material [with Handwritten Diagrams], 1955, undated
171 122
University of Wisconsin Genetics Building, 1958
171 123
Joshua Lederberg's 1958 Nobel Prize Diploma and Medal, 1958
171 124
International Microbiological Congress, 1958 Oct
171 125
Boris Rotman, Zderic (?), and Samuel (?) Moffat at the Syntex Institute for Molecular Biology, 1961
171 126
Edward Tatum at Stanford University, 1973
171 127
Airlie House Meeting, 2003 Aug 16-18