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John Adriani Papers, 1925-1988
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Research by others, 1948-1977 [subseries]:
19 1
"On the Disinfecting Power of the Alkaline Canister in Oxygen Gas Masks" [unidentified author], undated
1a 8
Vasopressors study: Kenneth Bray M.D., 1948 [RESTRICTED PHI POLICY]
19 3
Nitrogen elimination study (Martin, Nicholas T. and Miles, George), 1955
19 4
Study on Carbon dioxide absorption (Miles): background research, 1957
19 5
Study on carbon dioxide absorption (Miles): research notes, 1956-1957
19 6
Study on carbon dioxide absorption (Miles): carbon dioxide measurements in anesthetized patients, 1956-157
19 7
Study on carbon dioxide absorption (Miles): summaries of data, ca. 1957
19 8
Study on Ergovine and Methergine (Forthman, Hugh and Upton, Tom), 1957-1960
19 9
Study on Dyclone solution in the gastroscopic and esophagoscopic clinic, Tulane (Browne, Donovan; Welch, Edward and Hunter Fred), 1958-1959
19 10
Drug efficacy study: "Drugs and the Washington Scene' (Gilman, Alfred), August 1968
19 11
Arteriosclerosis and Disodium Esetate {Evers and Williamson, Columbia Medical Foundation, Andalusia, Alabama), 1968-1969
19 12
Hypokalemia questionnaire (Rowe, Buford E.), 1977
19 13
Miscellaneous research, 1975