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Michael E. DeBakey Archives 1903-2010
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Reprints by James W. Papez [subseries]:
4 12
Collected papers of James W. Papez, 1920-1939
4 13
"A proposed mechanism of human emotion", 1937
4 14
"Outlines of physical anthropology and human evolution", 1938
4 15
"Fiber and cellular degeneration following temporal lobectomy in the monkey" with Ralph W. Rundles, 1938
4 16
"Connections of the red nucleus" with William A. Stotler, 1940
4 17
"Cortical softening with atrophy of internal capsule and dorsal thalamus" with Harry G. Bull, William A. Stotler, 1940
4 18
"The embryologic development of the hypothalamic area in mammals", 1940
4 19
"A summary of fiber connections of the basal ganglia with each other and with other portions of the brain", 1941
4 20
"Hemichorea (hemiballismus)" with A. E. Bennett, Paul T. Cash, 1942
4 21
"Neuronal disease associated with intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies" (1945), undated
4 22
"Self-inflicted prefrontal lobotomy" with Elwin M. Smolen, 1948
4 23
"Inclusion bodies associated with destruction of nerve cells in scrub typhus, psychoses and multiple sclerosis", 1948
4 24
"Human growth and development", 1948
4 25
"Cytological changes in nerve cells in dementia praecox" with J. F. Bateman, 1949
4 26
"Corroboration from neurology: the Papez mechanism of emotion" (chap. 6) (1951), undated
4 27
"Significance of the thalamus in psychoses" with J. Fremont Bateman (1951), undated
4 28
"Changes in nervous tissues and study of living organisms in mental disease" with J. F. Bateman (1953), undated
4 29
"Connections of intralaminar nuclei of thalamus in macacque, chimpanzee, and man" (1955), undated
4 30
"Central reticular path to interlaminar and reticular nuclei of thalamus for activating EEG related to consciousness", 1956
4 31
"Path for projection of non-specific diffuse impulses to cortex for EEG, related to consciousness" (1956), undated