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Richard M. Taylor Papers 1930-1981
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

Diaries, field reports, correspondence, reprints, travel photographs, and 35mm slides partially document the international public health career of Richard Moreland Taylor and his arbovirus research.

The richest content consists of official laboratory and field reports in Series 2 that Taylor compiled for the Rockefeller Foundation International Health Division. Diaries from 1942-1943 cover his work in Brazil at the Servico de Estudos e Pesquisas sobre a Febre Amarela (SEPFA; Yellow Fever Research Service) which was jointly operated by Brazil's Ministry of Education and Health and IHD where he worked to bolster Brazil's rural public health infrastructure and control the incidence of yellow fever. Diaries from 1945-1950 cover his work as director of the IHD laboratories in New York and managing the virus research programs there, especially Coxsackievirus and yellow fever. They include his work to establish a virus laboratory and epidemiological service in Iceland to counter poliomyelitis in 1949. Diaries are missing for 1950-1952 and by 1953 Taylor was in Cairo, Egypt where NAMRU-3 is already established; there are no diaries covering the establishment of NAMRU-3 although there is a short description of its foundations in the 1956 diary. His diaries from 1953-1954 cover the bi-weekly activities of the lab. Also notable is his trip to southern Sudan between Feb.-March, 1954 to investigate yellow fever in collaboration with the Stack Laboratory. Telford Work's films "Yellow Fever in the Sudan" and "Reconnaissance for yellow fever in the Nuba Mountains, southern Sudan, 1954" were also produced as part of the work. Diaries from 1956 diary document Taylor's return to the United States and New Haven, Ct., and consulting project travels to India, Thailand, China, Kula Lumpur, Philippines, Japan, and California. 1958 diaries cover a yellow fever epidemic in Trinidad. The 1959-1960 diary covers Taylor's work in various eastern U.S. states and especially Florida. Taylor returned to Brazil in a 1963 diary. Series 3 contains many photographs and 35mm slides taken during all of Taylor's travels.

Series 1 contains a limited amount of personal and biographical information.

Series 4 contains a large selection of Taylor's reprints although it is not comprehensive.