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Wild, John J. / [1940s-2000s] Title: John J. Wild papers 1940s-2000s
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Early educational records, professional/national meetings, British patents and intubation tube research/correspondence/'creeper' intubation prototypes/die casts objects, original area ratio plottings, personal and biographical, photographs and graphics, exhibit panels, St. Barnabas/Univ. Minn. Research/correspondence, publications, original pulse/echo ultrasound incunabula. A collection of his ultrasound equipment was donated to the Smithsonian by the family.
Wilder, Alexander, 1823-1908 / [1881-1908 (bulk 1904-1908)] Title: Alexander Wilder Papers 1881-1908 (bulk 1904-1908)
Abstract: Letters addressed to Dr. A. W. Smith, appearing to give a history of the eclectic medicine movement. Except for one item, all letters were written between 1904-1908.
Wilder, Russell M. (Russell Morse), 1885-1959 / [1922] Title: Notes on a clinical conference on insulin 1922
Abstract: Wilder's holographic notes on an invitational conference held at the University of Toronto on Nov. 25-26, 1922, to discuss the clinical applications of insulin (which had just been isolated) and to determine how best to produce and distribute it.
Wilhelm Group / [2004-2005] Title: Triumph at Carville documentary archives 2004-2005
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Betacam SP, Dvcam, Digibeta, BP 30M tapes; MPEG2, CD-ROM, archival records. Raw footage and stills used for documentary film Triumph at Carville. Consists primarily of full interviews of patients and staff and associated environmental/contextual imagery. Also includes records associated with editing final production such as shot lists and interview transcripts. Footage includes original masters and dubs. 985.361 GB
Williams & Wilkins Co. / [1938-1982 (bulk 1958-1982)] Title: Williams & Wilkins Co. v. The United States Records 1938-1982 (bulk 1958-1982)
Abstract: The suit charged that the libraries had violated the company's copyright by duplicating for interlibrary loan articles from journals published by Williams & Wilkins. The case was settled by a split decision of the Supreme Court upholding the appeals court verdict that found for the government. Included are files from Martin Cummings and Scott Adams, the Director and Deputy Director of the Library, and Albert Berkowitz, the Reference Services Division Section Chief, as well as subject and correspondence files.
Williams, Huntington, 1892- / [1962] Title: Health education by television lecture / Huntington Williams 1962
Abstract: Mimeograph of a Chadwick public lecture delivered on July 20, 1962 in London. Dr. Williams speaks of the development of television as a disseminator of public health information, with particular emphasis and detail devoted to such programs in Baltimore, Md.
Williams, Louis Laval, 1889-1967 / [1910-1970] Title: Louis L. Williams Papers 1910-1970
Abstract: Correspondence, photos and slides, reports, notes, reprints, and printed matter. Material pertains chiefly to the study and control of malaria, particularly in China, India, Puerto Rico, and U.S. military camps.
Williams, Ralph C. (Ralph Chester), b. 1888 / [1950-1970] Title: Ralph C. Williams Papers 1950-1970
Abstract: Correspondence and related papers, pertaining chiefly to the publication of his United States Public Health Service, 1790-1950 (Washington, D.C, 1951).
Williams, Ralph C. (Ralph Chester), b. 1888 / [1933-1963] Title: Ralph C. Williams Papers 1933-1963
Abstract: Correspondence, photographs, captions, and short essays relating to the history of the U.S. Public Health Service and exhibits that were prepared on aspects of the same topic.
Willson, J. Robert (James Robert), 1912- / [1981] Title: J. Robert Willson Papers 1981
Abstract: Consists chiefly of copies of professional papers, 1947-1962 (2 v.). Also includes typescript (20 p.) and tape of presidential address before the Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia, 1981.
Wilson, James Sprigg / [1918-1930] Title: James Sprigg Wilson Papers 1918-1930
Abstract: Contains an address, memorandum, letter, and photos pertaining to the American Expeditionary Forces Siberia.
Wilson, Julius Lane, b. 1897 / [ca. 1970] Title: The place of Trudeau in the history of American sanatoria ca. 1970
Abstract: Copy of typescript of Dr. Wilson's article.
Wilson, Vernon E. / [1953-1981] Title: Vernon E. Wilson Papers 1953-1981
Abstract: Dr. Vernon E. Wilson (1915-1992) was a nationally known leader in medical education and an innovative administrator of medical programs in academia and government. Although the collection covers the years 1953 through 1981, the bulk of the records were created in the 1970s.
Windsor, Thomas / [1893] Title: Thomas Windsor notes and correspondence relating to John Arderne 1893
Abstract: Correspondent is John Shaw Billings.
Winston, Thomas, 1829-1928 / [1858-1945 (bulk 1861-1866)] Title: Thomas Winston Papers 1858-1945 (bulk 1861-1866)
Abstract: The Winston Papers consist mostly of the correspondence between Thomas Winston and his wife Caroline Mumford Winston during the three and a half years he was at war (1862-1866; he spent six months at home in late 1864 and early 1865). Winston imparts a vivid picture of what he saw and did while encamped with the Illinois 92nd, while also discussing at length many of the most vital and controversial issues of the time. Winston spends much time pondering issues of slavery and race relations. In his descriptions of the frustrations and "red tape" he encountered when finding hospitals for sick men and his opinions on other surgeons, Winston also delivers a full account of the state of military medicine during the Civil War.
Wiprud, Theodore, 1891-1978 / [1937-1979] Title: Theodore Wiprud Papers 1937-1979
Abstract: Correspondence, personal diaries, and recollections of director of Medical Society of District of Columbia, 1938-1963.
Wiprud, Theodore, 1891-1978 / [1976] Title: The Versatile Dr. Thornton 1976
Abstract: Consists of an unpublished manuscript describing the life of William Thornton, physician, painter, inventor, and architect. Thornton was architect of the Capitol until 1802.
Wiprud, Theodore, 1891-1978 / [1942-1946] Title: Theodore Wiprud Papers 1942-1946
Abstract: Newsletters distributed to Medical Society of the District of Columbia members during World War II and letters sent by members that were often reproduced in those newsletters.
Wise, Audrey Maureen / [1978] Title: Sir William Osler's contribution to medical education, with special emphasis on clinical training and the dilemma of wholetime professorship / Audrey Maureen Wise 1978
Abstract: Copy of the author's thesis (M.A.), McGill University, 1978. Includes letter of transmittal from George T. Harrell.
Witkop, Bernhard, 1917- / [1935-2003] Title: Bernhard Witkop papers 1935-2003
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Papers relating to origins of NIH Visiting Program. Correspondence between Witkop and Abraham Patchornik, research chemist (organic chemistry) at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Reovoth, Israel ) and colleague of Witkop at NIAMD. 2 boxes of reprints, chronologically arranged. Also letters and photos of his Japanese students from the NIH Visiting Scholars Program he helped establish. Biographical essays he wrote about Paul Ehrlich and Percy Julian.
Witten, Victor H. / [1955-1999] Title: Victor Witten Dermatology Foundation of Miami oral history collection 1955-1999