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Shannon, James A. (James Augustine), 1904-1994 / [1960s-1990s] Title: James A. Shannon papers 1960s-1990s
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Additional awards, plaques, diplomas, obituary clippings/biographical information, writings/drafts, photographs.
Shannon, James A. (James Augustine), 1904-1994 / [1924-1975] Title: James A. Shannon Papers 1924-1975
Abstract: Correspondence, talks, articles, reports and documents, photographs, certificates and diplomas. Dr. Shannon was on the faculty of the New York University College of Medicine from 1929-46. In 1946 he joined the National Institutes of Health, and from 1955-68 Dr. Shannon was Director of the NIH. In 1970 he became Professor and Special Assistant to the President of the Rockefeller University.
Shaw, Ray, 1908-2002 / [1954-1960s] Title: James R. Shaw papers 1954-1960s
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Reprints, speeches, press releases, correspondence, photos. Rear Admiral Shaw directed the Indian Health Service from 1955-62. He conducted an early study showing the Service's poor funding, staffing, organization, and the inferior health status of American Indains and resolved to improve conditions. Shaw was driving force behind PL 85-568 "The Transfer Act" in 1954, which transferred health services from the Bureau of Indain Affairs to the PHS. After retiring Shaw helped establish the University of Arizona medical school while also serving on the faculty. He remained active in Indian health issues until his death in 2003.
Shear, Murray J. / [1908-1983] Title: Murray J. Shear Papers 1908-1983
Abstract: Correspondence, reports, minutes, reprints documenting Dr. Shear's professional activities with the National Cancer Institute, including interaction with the International Union Against Cancer and the American Association for Cancer Research.
Shelesnyak, M.C. (Moses Chaim), 1909- / [1946-1979] Title: Moses Chaim Shelesnyak Papers 1946-1979
Abstract: Dr. Shelesnyak received his doctorate from Columbia University, and taught physiology, pharmacology, and human growth and development. Includes biographical data, correspondence files with individuals and organizations, U.S. Navy material relating to arctic research, meetings, and conference data, reviews, and publications.
Shelokov, Alexis Ioann, 1919- Title: Alexis I. Shelokov papers
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Dr. Shelokov is a virologist and physician who worked on the polio vaccine, served as chief of the Laboratory of Tropical Virology at NIAID in the 1950s and 1960s, and participated in US-USSR biomedical research exchanges. Following his years with NIH, he was with the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio.
Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital / [1853-2003] Title: Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital Archives 1853-2003
Abstract: Correspondence, minutes, reports, ledgers, journals, publications, and photographs document administration, professional training, and treatment programs at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital from its inception to 2003.
Sheridan, Dan, collector / [1975-2007] Title: History of Nursing and Domestic Violence Collection 1975-2007
Abstract: Collection contains published, unpublished, and academic writings, presentations, and some correspondence relating to nursing's role in identifying and assisting victims of domestic violence.
Sherman, Janette D. / [1963-2013] Title: Janette D. Sherman papers 1963-2013
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. From 1976-1982 Dr. Sherman served on the advisory board for the EPA Toxic Substances Control Act. She has been an advisor to the National Cancer Institute on breast cancer and to the EPA on pesticides. She is a resource person, advisor, and speaker for universities and health advocacy groups concerning cancer, birth defects, pesticides, and toxic dump sites. Throughout her career Dr. Sherman has served as a medical-legal expert witness for thousands of individuals harmed by exposure to toxic agents (from Work includes investigations of chlordane, Dursban, lindane, DDT, PCBS, PBBS, dioxins, tamoxifen, DES, radiation, etc.
Shiras, George, 1859-1942 / [1897-1923] Title: George Shiras Papers 1897-1923
Abstract: Correspondence, reprints and clippings primarily documenting Shiras' collaboration with the Committee of One Hundred to create a national health department.
Shorter, Edward / [1986-1987] Title: Edward Shorter "The Health Century" Interview Collection 1986-1987
Abstract: The collection consists of interviews conducted by Edward Shorter in preparation for his book The Health Century (1987).
Shortliffe, Edward Hance / [1970-199?] Title: Edward H. Shortliffe papers 1970-199?
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Book drafts/galleys, subject files, MYCIN/ON diagnosis decision experiments, research projects and education efforts of the Stanford Medical Computer Science group and later the Stanford Medical Informatics group and Medical Information Sciences Training Program; 1998 Stanford's Introduction to Medical Informatics short course videotapes (26).