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MacLean, Paul D. / [1936; 1944-1993] Title: Paul D. MacLean Papers 1936; 1944-1993
Abstract: Paul MacLean, through his scientific research, made significant contributions to the fields of physiology, psychiatry, and brain research. Correspondence, photographs, research materials, reports, writings, and audiovisual materials (1944-1993, 17.5 linear feet) document the official portion of Paul MacLeans career in brain and behavioral research. Through his research at Yale Medical School and at the National Institute of Mental Health, MacLean was instrumental in developing and expounding the theory of the Triune Brain.
Mahaffey, Kathryn R., 1943- / [1970-] Title: Kathryn R. Mahaffey papers 1970-
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Research/subject files; secondary research articles/journals (significant amount); conference proceedings. Kathryn R. Mahaffey passed away peacefully in her sleep June 2, 2009 after decades of work that advanced the nation's health and environment. She was the rare scientist who knew how to apply the lessons from academic research to protect the public heath. Her work changed the face of epidemic heavy metal poisoning, endocrine disruptors and many other environmental pollutants that afflict children, pregnant women and at-risk populations. Mahaffey was the first to ensure that the number of lead poisoned children in the US was determined accurately through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the 1970s.
Mahoney, Florence S. / [1935-1988] Title: Florence S. Mahoney Papers 1935-1988
Abstract: Prominent Washington socialite and lobbyist for health causes, most active and well-known during the 1960s and 1970s. Former wife of Miami News publisher Daniel J. Mahoney. Contains correspondence and subject files reflecting Mahoney's interest in medical research, politics, and birth control. Of special interest are her extensive files on the planning and establishment of the National Institute on Aging. Prominent correspondents include E. Grey Dimond, Paul F. Glenn, Lister Hill, Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson, Margaret Sanger and F. Marott Sinex.
Maier, Franz J. / [1950-1980] Title: Franz J. Maier papers 1950-1980
Mancusi-Ungaro Family / [1652-1900] Title: Mancusi-Ungaro Family diplomas 1652-1900
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. This set of diplomas includes degrees dated 1652, 1693, and 1783.
Mannix, Edgar P. / [1934-1988] Title: Edgar P. Mannix Papers 1934-1988
Abstract: Dr. Mannix conducted what is considered pioneering work in heart surgery. Collection contains articles, drafts, illustrations, and books relating to thoracic surgery many authored by Dr. Mannix. Surgical records comprise part of collection but are restricted.
Mantel, Harry / [1980-1989] Title: Cancer : the second and final war, 1986-1986 : documentary film of Harry Mantel about government funding of cancer research 1980-1989
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Mr. Harry Mantel recorded and edited the seventy-four videocassette tapes on the documentary Cancer: The Second and Final War, 1985-1986. Transcripts and articles are included with the collection.
Mantel, Nathan / [1939-2002 (bulk 1941-1994)] Title: Nathan Mantel Papers 1939-2002 (bulk 1941-1994)
Abstract: Correspondence, reprints, drafts, statistical data, reports, and testimony document Nathan Mantel's career as a medical statistician with the National Cancer Institute, George Washington University, American University, and freelance consultant.
Margolis, Frederick J., 1915- / [1953-1996] Title: Frederick J. Margolis papers 1953-1996
Abstract: UNPROCESSED COLLECTION. Accompanies film collection in HAV. Written documentation of filmaking process, work with educational and professional medical communities to fund making and distribution of films. Margolis was a pediatrician at the Wayne State Medical School.
Markush, Robert E. / [1960-1970] Title: Robert E. Markush papers 1960-1970
Marquis, Thomas Bailey, 1869-1935 / [1906-1973 (bulk 1906-1936)] Title: Thomas B. Marquis Papers 1906-1973 (bulk 1906-1936)
Abstract: Dr. Marquis practiced medicine in Montana, was with the U. S. Medical Corps during World War I, and became government physician on the Tongue River-Cheyenne Indian reservation. Because of his interest in Indian subjects he eventually gave up his medical practice and devoted full time to gathering historical data and writing.
Marston, Robert Q., 1923- / [1964-1973] Title: Robert Q. Marston Articles and Speeches 1964-1973
Abstract: Speeches and articles from his tenure as Director of the National Institutes of Health (1966-1973).
Maus, Louis Mervin, 1853- / [1905-1915] Title: Louis Mervin Maus Address, Reprints, and Photo 1905-1915
Abstract: Contains biographical material documenting Lt. Col. Maus's military career as well as an article and address he authored favoring temperance in the military.
Maver, Mary Eugenie, 1891-1976 / [1950-1965] Title: Mary Eugenie Maver Papers 1950-1965
Abstract: Consists of the author's autobiography (78 p.), some biographical information, correspondence, and a list of publications.
May, Angelo M. / [1956-1973] Title: Angelo M. May Papers 1956-1973
Abstract: Contains correspondence, journal articles, newsletters, medical product advertisements, and other materials relating to May's medical practice.