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Williams & Wilkins Co. v. The United States Records 1938-1982 (bulk 1958-1982)
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Incoming Correspondence, 1965-1976 [series]:

Includes incoming correpsondence, arranged by correspondnents in alphabetical order. Included among the major correspondents are officials of the Williams & Wilkins Co., including William Passano, President, and Eben Perkins, their lawyer; the lawyers from the National Institutes of Health and the Justice Department who defended the library; and representatives of the professional societies which supported the Libraries position, including the American Library Association, the American Medical Association, the Council on Library Resources, Inc., and the Association of Research Libraries.

3 1
Abernathy, H.C.,Advocates for the Arts, Almy, Thomas P., American Chemical Society (Robert W. Cairns and B.H. Well), Anlyan, W.G.
3 2
American Library Association (Ralph T. Esterquest and Germaine Krettek)
3 3
Association of Research Libraries (Donald F. Cameron, Stephen A. McCarthy and John P. McDonald
3 4
Barrett, St. John; Berliner, Robert W.; Berson, Robert C.; Blackwell, Thomas E.; Bonk, Johan P.; Bowsher, Prentice; Bravo, Desi; Burger, Charles L.; Burns, F.
3 5
Cady, Duane M.; Cahoon, Lunda; Carter, Willard H.; Chalkey, D.T.; Clifton, James A.; Coady, John M.; Cole, John D.R.; Cooper, John A.D.; Corning, Mary E.; Crawford, Susan
3 6
Council on Library Resources (Verner W. Clapp)
3 7
Davis, Madge G.; Davis, Oscar; Day, Kermit W.; Day, Melvin S.
3 8
Dept. of Justice (T. Brown, Thomas J. Byrnes, Joseph Hill, and Manuel Hiller); Dekker, Marcel; Drake, Mayo
3 9
Eastwood, Douglas W.; Ebert, Robert H.; Ecker, Arthur; Einstein, Stanley; Falk, Hans L.; Friedel, Samuel N.; Gillikin, Phyllis; Goodwin, Norton
3 10
Henry, Joseph L.; Herner, Saul; Hoey, Evelyn; Hogben, C.A.M.; Hogness, John R.; Humphries, William C.; Ingelfinger, Franz J.; Isbister, James D.; Ivy, Robert H.;
3 11
Jenkins, Carol G.; Johnson, Barbara; Kao, Irving; Kaplan, Louis; Kaufman, Nathan; Keaney, Kerri; Knoff, William F.; Lamont-Havers, Ronald W.; Leavitt, Milo D.; Lee, Philip R.; Lewis, E. Grey; Lodwick, Lyle
3 12
Marston, Robert Q.; Martin, Louis E.; Mason, Ellsworth; McKenna F. E.; Mersereau, Bertram S.; Michael, Max; Mider, G. Burroughs; Miller, Edward A.; Miranda, Robert N.; Norton, Jeffrey
3 13
Medical Library Association (William K. Beatty, Harold Bloomquist, Jacqueline Felter, Bernice M. Hetzner, MIldred C. Langer, and Donald Washburn)
3 14
Oppenheimer, Gerald J.; Perkins, Eben; Perkoff, Gerald; Pizer, Irwin H.; Plank, William T.; Plummer, Frances H.; Proffen, C.H.; Pye, A. Kenneth
3 15
Rachow, Louis A.; Richardson, Elliot L.; Robinson, J.W.; Rogers, Frank B.; Rosenstein, Philip; Ruskin, Eugene D.
3 16
Sargent, Charles W.; Schmidt, Helen Brown; Sessoms, Stuart M.; Shaw, Ralph R.
3 17
Shimkin, Michael B.; Stevens, Robert D.; Stone, Richard J.; Teatens, Charles D.; Thompson, Robert H.; Tilley, W.R.; Titley, Joan; Varner, D.B.; Wagman, Frederick H.; Wagner, Carruth J.; Walters, John T.; Washburn, Donald; Weil, Max Harry; Whaley, Storm; WHillock, Carl S.; Willcox, Alanson W.; Wiesenfelder, Harry; Wolf, Stewart; Woolsey, Theodore D.
3 18-20
Williams & Wilkins Company