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Documents on the origin and development of the Tuskegee syphilis study 1921-1973
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C.D.C. Material, 1936-1973 [subseries]:
1 4
I - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro" by R. A. Vonderlehr, T. Clark (1936)
1 5
II - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - II. Mortality during 12 years of observation" by J. R. Heller, Jr. and P. T. Bruyere (1946)
1 6
II - "The effect of treated syphilis on life expectancy" by Dudley C. Smith, Martha C. Bruyere (1946)
1 7
II - "Mortality trends for syphilis" by Lida J. Usilton (1946)
1 8
III - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - III. Evidence of cardiovascular abnormalities and other forms of morbidity" by Austin V. Deibert, Martha C. Bruyere (1946)
1 9
IV - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro" by Pasquale J. Peare, Theodore J. Bauer (1950)
1 10
V - "Twenty years of followup experience in a long range medial study" by Eunice Rivers, Stanely H. Schuman, Lloyd Simpson, Sidney Olansky (1953)
1 11
VI - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - a prospective study of the effect on life expectancy" by J. K. Shafer, Lida J. Usilton, Geraldine A. Gleeson (1954)
1 12
VII - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - environmental factors in the Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis" by Sidney Olansky, Lloyd Simpson, Stanely H. Schuman (1954)
1 13
VIII - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - pathologic findings in syphilitic and non syphihlitic patients" by Jesse J. Peters, James H. Peers, Sidney Olansky, John C. Cutler, Geraldine A. Gleeson (1954)
1 14
IX - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - background and current status of patients in the Tuskegee study" by Stanley H. Schuman, Sidney Olansky, Eunice Rivers, C. A. Smith, Dorothy S. Rambo (1955)
1 15
X - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - twenty years of clinical observation of untreated syphilitic and presumably non syphilitic groups" by Sidney Olansky, Stanley H.Schuman, Jesse J. Peters, C. A. Smith, Dorothy S. Rambo (1956)
1 16
XI - "Untreated syphilis in the male negro - twenty-two years of serologic observations in a selected syphilis study group" by Sidney Olansky, Ad Harris, John C. Cutler, Eleanor V. Price (1956)
1 17
XII - "The Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis - the 30th year of observation" by Donald H. Rockwell, Anne Roof Yobs, M. Brittain Moore, Jr. (1964)
1 18
XIII - "Aortic regurgitation in a study of aged males with previous syphilis" by Joseph G. Caldwell, Eleanor V.Price, Arnold L. Schroeter, Gerald F. Fletcher (1971)
1 19
XIV - "CDC compliation of I - XIII
1 20
XV - Background paper on Tuskegee study - CDC (1972)
1 21
M14-14 - Rosahn. Studies in syphilis - the end results of untreated syphilis (includes a discussion of the Tuskegee study)