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Wilbur A. Sawyer Papers 1879-1995
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Series 5: Photographs and Motion Pictures, [1879]-1951 [series]:
Albums, 1913-1951 [subseries]:
4 12
[Medical school mock treatment exercise? Pictures Sawyer and senior classmates], [ca. 1913]
9 1-3
Yosemite; typhoid epidemic, Hanford, Ca.; Idylwild; family photos near Sacramento, Ca.; Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Park; Williamsburg and Yorktown, Va., 1914-1919
4 13
Australia: hookworm campaign colleagues, children, other tourist photos; China: Great Wall, Peking, 1919-1921
9 4-7
Australia and New Guinea, hookworm campaign; Siam [Bangkok, Thailand]; India; Ceylon, 1920-1921
10 1-4
Australia: family in Brisbane; Queensland; hookworm campaign; Java trip: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Batavia, Sawarang, 1920-1923
10 5-9
Leesburg, Ga. (Sawyer in the field); family in Melbourne, Australia; Ceylon (Colombo, Jaffra); Palestine; India; Egypt; Switzerland; France; England, 1923-1924
9 8
Leesburg, Ga. (gathering mosquitoes); Ceylon; India (Calcutta; vaccinations, dispensaries, latrines); Palestine, 1924-1925
11 1-5
Family: North Carolina; Mississippi; Woodside and Waterford, Ca.; Georgia; Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. house; portraits of Margaret and Wilbur Sawyer; France vacation; Professional: Columbia (Bogata, Magdalena); Panama Canal Zone; Curacao; Venezuela; Puerto Rico; China; African "Gold Coast" (Lagos, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana), 1925-1935
12 1-8
Personal: Waterford, Ca.; Hastings-on-Hudson house; Professional: Rockefeller Foundation offices and laboratories; Rockefeller Center; African "Gold Coast" ; French Equatorial Africa and Belgian Congo yellow fever laboratories (Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo [Zaire]); Zimbabwe; Rhodesia (quarantine camps for miners, malaria control ditches, mosquito capture squads); South Africa (Cape Town, Pretoria); Nigeria; Morocco (Algiers); Azores; Holland; Germany; Italy; China (anti-malaria billboard), 1930-1937
11 6-10
Switzerland; Yosemite vacation; Wallace Carroll family; India (Delhi, Coonoor); Uganda; Cairo, Egypt; Cuba; Costa Rica; California (family reunion); Columbia (Villavicencio, Thomas Parran images); Ecuador; Brazil; Chile; Bolivia; UNRRA office and staff (Poland, China); International Sanitary Convention signing ceremonies, 1936-1946
9 9
Entebbe, Africa (children, fauna, infrastructure): inscribed "to WAS from AFM", 1938
13 1-4
Sawyer family and house in Washington, D.C.; family portraits; house in Berkeley, Ca.; Oregon and Yosemite vacation (Mt. Shasta); China; Mexico; Panama (yellow fever vaccinations); 4th International Congresses on Tropical Disease ephemera; Walter Reed commemoration meeting (Washington, D.C.), 1945-1951
Loose pages and individual photographs, [1879]-1945 [subseries]:
4 5
Sawyer as infant with grandmother [tintype], [1879]
4 6
Photographs of Sawyer, 1906-1925
4 7
W.A.S. in lab at Pasteur Institute (1912); Japan (1913); Panama canal zone (1937); typhoid epidemic team, California (1914); International Sanitary Convention signing ceremony (1945); Board for investigation and control of influenza in the army (1942), 1913-1945
4 8
Columbia, Nigeria, France, 1925-1935
4 9
Panama; Spain; India; Cartegana, Columbia; Bolivia; unidentified [India?], 1925-1939
4 10
Photographs of J.H. Bauer, Fred L. Soper, 1935
4 11
Austria; Hungary; Germany; Turkey [loose leaf from album], 1936
Scenes in West Africa: West African Yellow Fever Commission [motion pictures], 1923 [subseries]:
Film 1 [VHS tape], 1923

Contents: street scenes in Lagos; the Commission's compound in Yaba; the opening of the legislative council of Nigeria; fumigating after yellow fever in Lagos; collecting mosquito larvae in Lagos; down the Ogun River in Nigeria; scenes from Oshogbo at end of Ramadan; from Oshogbo to Ogbomosho; road to Ibadan; scenes from Ibadan; a trip to Iwopin in Nigeria; trooping the colors in Lagos; Beiram Festival of the Mohammedans in Lagos.

Film 2 [VHS tape], 1923

Contents: school on a Lagos street; natives and their homes in Lagos; an official's home in Ikoyi; a tennis party at the Medical Research Institute; local scenes; river scenes; collecting mosquito larvae.

Film 3 [VHS tape], 1923

Contents: collecting mosquito larvae; scenes from Oshogbo at end of Ramadan; a visit to Ilesha; collecting cotton; Baptist Hospital African Mission; Oyo (the Yorba capital); road to Ibadan; scenes in Ibadan (thatched mud huts; goat herding; market place; inside a hospital).

Film 4 [VHS tape], 1923

Contents: trip to Iwopin in Nigeria; trooping the colors in Lagos; Beiram festival of the Mohammedans in Lagos.