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James Wenceslas Papez Papers 1898-1987
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Biographical Note

James W. Papez served on the faculty of Emory University, 1914-1920, and at the Cornell University Medical School in Ithaca, 1920-1950. From 1951 to 1958 he was Director of the Laboratory for Biological Research, Columbus State Hospital, Ohio. While at Cornell, Papez served as curator of the Wilder Brain collection and taught courses in anatomy and human development. Papez is probably best remembered for his 1937 article, "A Proposed Mechanism of Emotion" Archives of Neurology and Pathology 38 (1937): 725-743, which proposed that emotion is a physiological process dependent on definite anatomical mechanisms and thus added to the contemporary debate between psychologists and neuroscientists over the nature of emotion.