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Neurosurgical Society of America Records 1947-1996
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Historical Note

Founded in 1948, the Society was formed to enhance the advancement of the specialty of neurological surgery in America, with five main purposes: 1) to furnish a forum for intimate exchange of ideas and information among a group of representative neurosurgeons; 2) to foster a personal acquaintanceship among its members to make free and confident exchange of information possible; 3) to bring young neurosurgeons of promise into a group where they can develop full expression of ideas before a cross section of American neurosurgery; 4) to sponsor international meetings on a personal plane of critical but sympathetic discussion of progress in neurological surgery on this continent and abroad through further dissemination of new information in the field of neurological surgery; 5) to maintain in its membership roll a balance between academic and practicing neurosurgeons to promote harmonious balance between teaching of neurosurgery and its practice in American communities.