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National League for Nursing Records 1894-1952
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Acquired in 1974.

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[Call Number, Collection Name, Series Number], Modern Manuscripts Collection, History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine, USA.

Index of Photographs

  • Early Leaders of American Nursing of the Pioneer Period Up to the Early 1950's
  • Wald, Lillian D. (NOPHN - First President)
  • Fox, Elizabeth G. (NOPHN - President)
  • Gardner, Mary S. (NOPHN)
  • Grant, Ameilia (NOPHN - President)
  • Hansen, Anne L. (NOPHN)
  • Harvey, Malinde (NOPHN)
  • Harvey, P.W. (NOPHN)
  • Houlton, Ruth (NOPHN - Gen. Dir.)
  • Patterson, Florence (NOPHN)
  • Sterling Soule, Elizabeth (NOPHN)
  • Stevenson, Jessie L. (NOPHN)
  • Tucker, Katherine J. (NOPHN)

Index to Scrapbook: Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Treasurer, President, Vice President and General Director

  • Randall, Marian G.
  • McKinney, Roessle
  • Deming, Dorothy
  • NOPHN Board of Directors
  • PHN Board of Directors
  • NOPHN Executive Committee
  • NOPHN Board of Directors
  • NOPHN Board of Directors
  • NOPHN Board of Directors
  • McLane, Lawrence W. Elected Treasurer
  • Stokes, Emlen S. - Elected Chairman
  • NOPHN Board of Directors

Scrapbook: Index to Board Members 1938

  • Barker, Joseph S., Mrs.
  • Hale, William E., Mrs.
  • Shipley, Alfred E. Dr.
  • Walker, Frank W., Dr.
  • Grant, Amelia
  • Mumford, Eleanor W.
  • Eliot, Martha M., Dr.
  • Waller, Clifford E.
  • Watkins, James K., Mrs.
  • Harvey, Malinde I.
  • Deutsch, Maomi
  • Hubbard, Ruth W.
  • Wohlman, Abel
  • Haupt, Alma C.
  • Carey, Harry M.
  • Bosworth, Robert Mrs.
  • LaMalle, Helen Mrs.
  • LaForge, Zoe
  • Ross, Grace
  • Brown, Charles S. Mrs.

Index to NOPHN Photographs

  • Board Staff Committee, 1938-1940, etc.
  • First National Nursing, Ofice - neg. only
  • Historical Biennial Convention, 1924
  • Historical Photos, VNA & PHN, 1926-1939
  • Historical Pictures, various
  • National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis - President's Dinner, 1940
  • National Nurse Week, 1940
  • Photos Miscellaneous
  • Pictures of VNA, Posture Fundamentals, Modern & Etc., March of Dimes
  • Public Health Nursing Photos
  • Public Health Nursing Photos, Old & New, Before & After
  • PHN - VNA and School Surgical Photos, 1944
  • Silver Jubilee Luncheon Photos, 1937
  • Uniforms
  • Convention Exhibit Photos, 1929 (NLNE)
  • Historical Pageant Members, June 12, 1933 (NLNE)

Index to NLNE Photographs

  • Bixler, Roy Dr. and
  • Bixler, Genevieve K. Dr.
  • Bolton, Francis P.
  • Darche, Louise
  • Davis, Mary E. P.
  • Delano Memorial Monument
  • Dock, Lavinia Lloyd
  • Drown, Lucy Lincoln
  • Eldredge, Adda E.
  • Fisher, Alice
  • Gelinas, Agnes - President
  • Giles, Ida F.
  • Goodrich, Anne W.
  • Gretter, Lystra C.
  • Hall, Carrie M. - President
  • Hawkinson, Nellie X.
  • Jamme, Anna C.
  • Johnson, Sally - Board of Directors
  • Keating, Emma J.
  • Kimber, Diana Clifford
  • LaForge, Elizabeth
  • Lawler, Elsie M.
  • Logan, Larua R. - President
  • Mayo, Adelaide - Executive Director
  • Maxwell, Anna Caroline
  • McCleery, Ada Belle - Secretary
  • McCrae, Annabelle
  • McIntyne, Ellen M.
  • McIsaac, Isabel
  • McMillan, M. H.
  • Merrit, Isabel
  • Muse, Maude B.
  • Powell, Louise M.
  • Roberts, Mary M. - Board Member
  • Palmer, Sophia F.
  • Redmond, Mary
  • Richards, Linda
  • Robb, Isabel Hampton
  • Sister John, Gabriel
  • Sister Helen
  • Snively, Mary Agnes
  • Stewart, Isabel M.
  • Stimson, Julia C.
  • Taylor, Effie J. - Vice President
  • Thomson, Elnora E.
  • Tittman, Anna L.
  • Urch, Daisy Dean - Director
  • Wheeler, C.A.
  • Wheeler, Mary C.
  • Wolf, Anna D.
  • Wolfman, Abel
  • Wood, Helen
  • Young, Helen D.
  • Unknown