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Wyndham D. Miles Papers on the History of the National Library of Medicine 1864-1984
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Series 1: Reprints, 1890-1918 [series]:
1 1
"The doctor's there - a note of appreciation"
1 2
Agramonte, Aristides. "Report on bactriological investigations upon yellow fever", 1900
1 3
Agramonte, Aristides. "An account of Dr. Louis-Daniel Beauperthuy - a pioneer in yellow fever research", 1908
1 4
Agramonte, Aristides. "Notes upon a so-called parasite of yellow fever (seidelin)", 1912
1 5
Abbot, H. L. "Hourly climatic records on the isthmus of Panama", 1904
1 6
Bell, Eleanor Yorke. "The republic of Panama and its people, with special reference to the Indians", 1910
1 7
Bryce, Peter H. "Effects upon public health and natural prosperity from rural depopulation and abnormal increase of cities", 1914
1 8
Busck, August. "Report on a trip for the purpose of studying the mosquito fauna of Panama", 1908
1 9
Carr, L. C. "Santiago as a yellow fever center", 1900
1 10
Carter, Henry R. "A note on the spread of yellow fever in houses - extrinsic incubation", 1901
1 11
Carter, Henry R. "Some characteristics of stegomyia fasciata which affect its conveyance of yellow fever", 1904
1 12
Carter, Henry R. "The conveyance of yellow fever", 1904
1 13
Carter, Henry R. "Notes on the sanitation of yellow fever and malaria. From isthmian experience", 1909
1 14
Craig, Charles F. "On the nature of the virus of yellow fever, dengue, and pappataci fever", 1911
1 15
Darling, Samuel T. "The examination of stools for cysts of entamoeba tetragena:, 1912
1 16
Darling, Samuel T. "Reduction of virulence in a strain of trypanosome hippicum selectef from a guinea pig", 1912
1 17
Darling, Samuel T. "Two cases of anaplylactic serum disease over six years after the primary injection of horse-serum (yersin's antipest serum)", 1912
1 18
Darling, Samuel T. "The pathological anatomy of natural and experimental murrina - a trypanosomal disease of the isthmus of Panama:, 1912
1 19
Darling, Samuel T. and H. C. Clark. "Linguatula serrata (larva) in a native Central American", 1912
1 20
Darling, Samuel T. "Budding and other forms in trophozoites of entamoeba tetragena", 1913
1 21
Darling, Samuel T. "The immunization of large animals to a pathogenic trypanosome (trypanosome hippicum (Darling) by means of an avirulent strain", 1913
1 22
Darling, Samuel T. "The identification of the pathogenic entamoeba of Panama", 1913
1 23
Espin, Jose Manuel. "La fiebre amarilla y el mosquito estegomia", 1909
1 24
Etchegoyhen, Francisco. "Lo que debemos entender por fiebre da aclimitacion en los solipedos", 1902
1 25
Evans, Frank Dudley. "Engineering operations for the prevention of malaria", 1915
1 26
Fernandez, Juan Santos. "Proximate & remote importance of the International Sanitary Congress", 1902
1 27
Fuentes, Juan B. "Concepto nosologico de la fiebre do borras", 1900
1 28
Glennan, Arthur H. "Proteccion currentenaria de la isla de Cuba", 1901
1 29
Guiteras, Juan. "La fiebre amarilla infantile y la extinction de la endemia en la Habana", 1902
1 30
Guiteras, Juan. "Endemicity of yellow fever", 1912
1 31
Guiteras, Juan. "Three cases of bubonic plague in Havana", 1912
1 32
Havard, V. "The transmission and prevention of yellow fever", 1902
1 33
Henson, Graham E. "Malaria - its prevention and control", 1911
1 34
Hodder, W. M. "The destruction of mosquitoes", 1904
1 35
Hughes, Charles H. "The sanitary salvage of our soldiers in Cuba", 1898
1 36
James, W. M. "Quartan malaria and its parasite", 1910
1 37
James, W. M. "Notes on the etiology of relapse in malaria infections", 1913
1 38
Jennings, Allen H. "Some problems of mosquito control in the tropics", 1912
1 39
Lankford, J. S. "The lesson of Canal Zone sanitation", 1913
1 40
Lebredo, Mario G. "Diagnosis of yellow fever with special reference to mild cases - a study in sanitation", 1909
1 41
Le Prince, J. A. "Recent progress in antimalarial work, with special reference to anopheles flight as studies on the isthmus of Panama", 1912
1 42
Lomonaco, Alfonso. "Il canale di Panama", 1908
1 43
Matas, Rudolph. "Nursing in yellow fever and the duties of trained nurses in epidemics", 1905
1 44
Reed, Walter. "The propagation of yellow fever; observations based on recent researches", 1901
1 45
Reed, Walter, James Carroll and A. Agramonte. "Experimental yellow fever", 1901
1 46
Reed, Walter. "Recent researches concerning the etiology, propagation, and prevention of yellow fever, by the United States Army Commission", 1902
1 47
Sambon, Luigi. "Remarks on the possibility of the acclimitisation of Europeans in tropical regions", 1897
1 48
Sedgwick, William T. "The call to public health", 1908
2 1
Sternberg, George H. The address of the president (American Medical Association), 1898
2 2
Trumbull, Frank. "The panama canal: some impressions and comments", 1913
2 3
van Loghem, J. J. "The yellow fever danger for Asia and Australia, especially after the opening of the Panama canal", 1913
2 4
Vaughan, Victor C. and George T. Palmer. "Communicable diseases in the National Guard and National Army of the United States during the six months from September 29, 1917 to March 29, 1918", 1918
2 5
Verdereau, Adolphus E. "A lecture on the inter-ocean Panama canal", 1909
2 6
Vigne, Charles and Andre Villejean. "L'hygiene et le canal de Panama", 1908
2 7
Villejean, Andre and Charles Durand. "Contribution a l'etude clinique de la fievre jaune", 1908
2 8
Whipple, G. H. "Uncinariasis in Panama", 1909
2 9
Wilson, Erastus. "La medicine preventiva trabajo leido en el congreso medico regional de la isla de Cuba", 1890