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C. Everett Koop Papers 1933-2011
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1975 [subseries]:
120 22
"Presentation of Bertram S. Brown," [Community Mental Health Speech to Support the Mental Health Centers Act of 1963], ca. 1975
121 1-3
"The Training of Mental Health Care," Annual Meeting Indian Psychiatric Society--Trivandrum, India, January 6
121 4
Distinguished Lecture Series, Downey Veterans Administration Hospital and Northwestern University--Chicago, IL, February 26
121 5
"Behavior Modification: Perspective on a Current Issue," Conference on Human Experimentation, Southern Methodist University--Dallas, TX, March 6
121 6
"Briefing for President's Panel on Biomedical Research," March 31
121 7
"Hope for the Future," The Public Corporation for Mental Health, 1975 Hodson Memorial Lecture, University of Minnesota--Minneapolis, MN, April 24
121 8
"Mental Health in Latin America--Strategies for the Future," 8th Latin American Congress of Psychiatry--Acapulco, Mexico, May 2
121 9
"The Life of Psychiatry," APA--Anaheim, CA, May 5
121 10
"Successful Treatment of the Elderly Mentally Ill," Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, Duke University--Durham, NC, May 23
121 11
"Statement" [Regarding O'Connor vs. Donaldson], June
121 12
"Program Politics of Hispanic Mental Health," The Midwest Regional Conference on Hispanic Mental Health--Chicago, IL, June 12-13
122 1
"Statement: Research Task Force News Briefing," July 31
122 2
"Political and Practical Dynamics of Research Policy: National and International Perspectives," 1975 World Congress, World Federation for Mental Health--Copenhagen, Denmark, August 11
122 3
Welcome Address, National Conference on Mental Health Statistics--Washington, DC, September 10
122 4
"Mental Health Promotion--A Pattern for Living Change," 389th Annual Michigan Society for Mental Health Conference--Detroit, MI, September 12
122 5
"The Public Demand for Mental Health Services: Limited Means?" Mental Health Association of Colorado Meeting--Denver, CO, October 17
122 6
"Understanding Depression--What the Public and the Scientists Can Do Together," Research Committee of the National Association for Mental Health, Inc.--Arlington, VA, October 23
122 7-8
"Mental Health of the Aging: A Federal Perspective," The 28th Annual Meeting, The Gerontological Society--Louisville, KY, October 28
122 9
"Dimensions of Decision Making--Science and Politics," 1975 Presidential Symposium--New York, NY, November 2
122 10
"Deinstitutionalization and Community Support Systems," State and Territorial Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Authorities--Washington, DC, November 4 [view online]
122 11
Brief Welcome Remarks, Research Conference on Mental Health and Aging--Washington, DC, November 10
122 12
"The NIMH as a Research Organization: A Briefing Paper for the President's Biomedical Research Panel", November 25