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C. Everett Koop Papers 1933-2011
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1974 [subseries]:
120 2
"Director's View of Small Grant Program," Small Grants Centenary Meeting, Cosmos Club--Washington, DC, January 15
120 3
"The Study Center After 25 Years: Predictions and Predilections," NIMH Mental Health Study Center--Prince George's County, MD, January 18
120 4
"The Coming Look in Mental Health Care," Remarks from Dedication, Washington Psychiatric Institute--Washington, DC, February 22
120 5
"Children of the Future," 1974 International Conference of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities--Houston, TX, March 1
120 6
"A Look at the Overlook," Biennial Divisional Meeting of the New York State District Branches, APA--New York, NY, March 15
120 7
"Financing Mental Health Services: The Prospect of National Health Insurance," The Sidney Teller Memorial Lecture--Pittsburgh, PA, March 27
120 8
"Mental Health Research Briefing: The Depressive Illnesses,"--Washington, DC, April 17
120 9
"The Changing Scene of Mental Health Training," 50th Anniversary, Department of Psychiatry, Tulane University--New Orleans, LA, April 19
120 10
"Past Trends and New Directions in Child Mental Health," Dedication Ceremony, Children's Village--New Castle, DE, May 2
120 11
"The Role of Psychiatry in Relationship to Governors, Governance, Governments," Annual Meeting, APA--Detroit, MI, May 6
120 12
"Communities and Madness: Today's Liberating Bind," Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, Annual Legislative Conference--Boston, MA, May 21
120 13
"After Hospitalization--What?", Annual Anniversary Dinner, Hazelton-Nanticoke Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center--Hazelton, PA, June 22
120 14
"Ethics and Values in Mental Health," The Institute of Psychiatry--San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 28
120 15
"The Child at Risk: A 20th Century Perspective," The 8th International Congress, International Association for Child Psychiatry and Allied Professions, July 29
120 16
"Political Psychiatry--A Post-Watergate Perspective or The Revolution of Falling Expectations," University of California Colloquium of Behavioral Sciences, September 30
120 17
Anthropology and Social Psychiatry, International Health Conference--Reston, VA, October 16
120 18
"National Medical Health Perspectives: Name Your Priorities--Something's Got to Give," Pennsylvania Mental Health, Inc.--Harrisburg, PA, October 17
120 19
"Community Mental Health Centers: As A System of Prevention," Annual Meeting, National Assn. of Mental Health--Washington, DC, November 21
120 20
"Federal Programs for Child Mental Health," Workshop, American Association of Psychiatry Services for Children--New York, NY, November 22
120 21
"Alabama--Community Mental Health Centers," November 24