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C. Everett Koop Papers 1933-2011
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Series 6: Publications and Manuscripts, 1957-1979 [series]:

This series consists of published materials, unpublished manuscripts, and papers prepared by Dr. Brown or written jointly with other authors. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order by title of publication. Bracketed information in the folder title was added by the processor to identify co-authors or clarify the origin of the writings. The series contains journal articles, book reviews, published and unpublished reports, chapters and forwards for books, unpublished typewritten manuscripts, correspondence, drafts, memoranda, and reference materials. Recurring topics in these writings include community mental health centers, community psychiatry, the mentally retarded offender, public mental health hospitals, child and family mental health issues, and the federal role in mental health services.

126 1
Bibliography of Publications by Bertram S. Brown, 1957-1969
1960 [subseries]:
126 2
"The Referring Physician and the Hospitalized Psychiatric Patient" [co-authors] Robert S. Albert and Robert F. Moore (folder 1 of 2), May 3, 1960
126 3
"The Referring Physician and the Hospitalized Psychiatric Patient" [co-authors] Robert S. Albert and Robert F. Moore (folder 2 of 2), May 3, 1960
1961 [subseries]:
126 4
"The Agency as Client", May 1961
126 5
"The Role of the Mental Health Nurse in a Mental Health Public Setting" [co-author] Dorothy Boone, Sr. Nurse Officer, November 1961
126 6
Family Group Therapy in Retrospect: A Review..., 1961
126 7
"A Mental Health Program in a County Health Department", 1961
126 8
An Alcoholsim Program in a County Health Department [co-authors] Augusto Esquibel, M.D., Murray Grant, M.D., and Edward M. Pickford, M.D., ca. 1961
126 9
"The Decision to Hospitalize" [co-author] Robert S. Albert, ca. 1961
126 10
"Sibling Therapy and Other Variants of Family Therapy Techniques: Case Reports and Relevant Literature", ca. 1961
1962 [subseries]:
126 11
"Waiting List", January 1962
126 12
Health Department Alcoholism Program in Prince Georges County, Md [co-authors] Augusto Esquibel, M.D., Murray Grant, M.D., D.P.H., and Edward M. Pickford, M.D., June 1962
1964 [subseries]:
127 1
"Mental Retardation Among Incarecerated Offenders in the United States" [co-author] Thomas F. Courtless, M.A., September 1964
127 2
"Mental Health Services for Detroit", November 1964
1965 [subseries]:
127 3
"Reports from meetings, Mental Health services for adolescent seen lacking"...Roche Report, Frontiers of Clinical Medicine, Emotional Problems 2(12):3, June 15, 1965
127 4
"What the Government is Doing About Mental Health", ca 1965
1966 [subseries]:
127 5
"The Expanding Vistas of Mental Health Services," [co-author] Alan I. Levenson, M.D. Hospital and Community Psychiatry, January 1966
1968 [subseries]:
127 6
"The Joint Rule of Public and Private Hospitals in Community Mental Health" [co-authors] Alan I. Levenson, M.D. and Ruth I. Knee, Hospitals 42,, February 1, 1968
127 7
"The Community Mental Health Center in National Perspective" [co-author] Stanley F. Yolles, M.D., 1968
1969 [subseries]:
127 8
Critical Factors in the Utilization of Mental Hospitals" [co-author] Jerry Osterwell, Ph.D., January 1969
127 9
Book Review of Ralph Cranshaw's "The General Practice of Community Psychiatry" [co-author of review] Geoffrey C. Tooth, M.D., July 18, 1969
1970 [subseries]:
127 10
"Mental Health and Social Change", 1970
127 11
Book Review of David Mechanic's "Mental Health and Social Policy" [co-author of review] J. David Miller, January 21, 1970
127 12
"Fantasy and Force: A study of the Dynamics of the Mentally Retarded Offender" [co-authors] Thomas F. Courtless and David E. Silber, Journal of Criminal Law, Criminology, and Police Science 61(1): 71-77, 1970
1971 [subseries]:
127 13
[Foreword] in untitled book about halfway houses, January 1971
127 14
"U.S. Governmental Organization for Human Services Implication for Mental Health Planning" [co-author] James D. Isbister, 1971
162 1
[Interview], Physicians must be deeply knowledgeable and effective advocates for upgrading care in order to treat drug addicts successfully, American Medical News, 11 Jan 1971
1972 [subseries]:
127 15
"Psychologists in Corrections and Justice: Another View" [co-authors] Lorrin M. Koran, M.D., January 2, 1972
127 16
[Notes and typed manuscripts regarding Soviet Mental Health Issues], ca. 1972
127 17
[Untitled Foreword], November 28, 1972
1973 [subseries]:
127 18
"A bridge over troubled waters," World Health, May 1973
127 19
"Mental Health in the Future: Politics, Science, Ethics and Values" Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Science 408:62-69, July 1973
127 20
"The Federal Government and Mental Health", ca 1973
127 21
"The Mentally Retarded Offender" [co-author] Thomas F. Courtless, Ph.D, 1973
1974 [subseries]:
127 22
"What You Should Know About Mental Depression" U.S. News and World Report, 9/9/74
1975 [subseries]:
127 23
"A discussion with Bertram S. Brown" Practical Psychology for Physicians, July 1975
1976 [subseries]:
162 2
"The life of psychiatry," The American Journal of psychiatry (133:5), May 1976
1977 [subseries]:
127 24
"Mazes of the Mind, An International Forum on Mental Health issues", October 1977
127 25
"Political Psychiatry: A Post-Watergate Perspective or the Revolution of Falling Expectations" Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Winter 1977
1978 [subseries]:
127 26
Update of "The Politics of Mental Health,"..., June 1978
127 27
"The Utility of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Exchanges,"..., 10/20/78
127 28
"The Lightning Rod of Human Service Delivery" [co-author] Harold Goldstein, Controversy in Psychiatry 78, 1978
127 29
"Psychiatry in a Restless World,"...Journal of Religion and Health 17(3):192-198, 1978
127 30
"Healing Through the Performing Arts", ca. 1978
1979 [subseries]:
127 31
Introduction in Erich Lindemann's "Beyond Grief: Studies in Crisis Intervention", 1979
127 32
Book Review of C. Brandon Qualls, John F. Wincze, and David H. Barlow's "The Prevention of Sexual Disorders: Issues and Approaches" Siecus Report 7(6):1-2, 4, July 1979
127 33
"Definition of Mental Health and Disease," 1979
[Undated] [subseries]:
127 34
"Mental Health Controversies", [n.d.]
127 35
"The Mental Health Movement in the United States: Implications for the Developing Countries" [co-authors] Augusto Esquibel, M.D. and George M. Coleman, Jr., [n.d.]
127 36
"The Prevention of Hospitalization: Final Report of the Community Extension Service of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center" (folder 1 of 2), [n.d.]
127 37
"The Prevention of Hospitalization: Final Report of the Community Extension Service of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center" (folder 2 of 2), [n.d.]
Publications by other authors [subseries]:
Center for POW Studies [subseries]:
162 2
Julius Segal, "Therapeutic considerations in planning the return of American POWs to CONUS," [drafts], NMNRU, August 1972
162 3
Lourie, Norman V., ca. 1972-1974
162 4
Warren, Stafford, Proposals and memos re: expansion of NLM programs (Medlars) for mental retardation information, 1963-1964
162 5
West, Louis Jolyon, 1961-1964
162 6-7
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Reviews of draft papers, 1977-1980
162 8
Yolles, Stanley F., "Student use of drugs (2/6/1970);" "Drug abuse and the Federal Control Program (4/13/1970);" Statement before the SenateCommittee on the D.C. on Drug Abuse and Prevention (4/15/1970)"