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C. Everett Koop Papers 1933-2011
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Series 5: Speeches, 1950-1983 [series]:

Although this series consists largely of the final version of the texts of Dr. Brown's speeches, it also contains correspondence, background material, and earlier drafts of speeches. Folders are arranged chronologically by day and year of the speech. Arranged at the beginning of the series is a folder with an index to speeches from 1963 through 1970 as well as three bound volumes of Dr. Brown's speeches from 1970 through 1973. For the remaining folders, the final text of the speech appears first in the folder and thereafter materials are arranged chronologically by date, with background materials arranged at the end of the folder. The folder title provides the speech title (if known), organization to which the speech was presented, place of the presentation (if known), and date. In those few instances in which the final transcript of the speech is not included among the records, earlier drafts or other materials pertaining to the speech are still provided for reference.

As Chief of the Community Mental Health Facilities Branch, Deputy Director (1968-1970) and Director (1970-1978) at NIMH, Dr. Brown made numerous speeches on a number of issues important to mental health in the country during that period. Recurring topics included child mental health, financing mental health, the new federalism, community mental health programs, training mental health providers, drug abuse and addiction prevention, mental health services for minorities, ethics and values in mental health, mental health research, national health insurance, and deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill.

Among the many speeches Dr. Brown gave, titles of interest include A Federal Challenge to the Community: "Health and Education Program for the Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction" (September 10, 1971); "Child Priority: A Progress Report--1972," (June 23, 1972); "War and Peace and Related Drug Abuse Issues" (November 3, 1972); "Mental Health in the Future--Politics, Science, Ethics, and Values" (April 13, 1973); "Mobile in April--Spring and the New Federalism" (April 4, 1973); "Community Mental Health Centers: As A System of Prevention" (November 21, 1974); and "Deinstitutionalization and Community Support Systems" (November 4, 1975).

Organizations for, and meetings at which Dr. Brown spoke included the Meeting of Advanced Health Care Delivery System Pilot Project, NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (October 17, 1972); Foundation for Child Development of the New York State Committee for Children Advocacy (December 12, 1972); International Health Conference (October 16, 1974); and the 1975 World Congress (August 11, 1975). The same, or slightly revised, speech was sometimes given to different organizations if appropriate to the occasion. Audio recordings of some speeches in this series are also included among the audiotapes in the audiovisual materials.

106 1
June 1970 - June 1971
106 2
July 1971 - June 1972
106 3
July 1972 - June 1973
107 1
Index to Speeches, 1963-1970
1950 [subseries]:
107 2
Emotions Talk, ca. 1950
1958 [subseries]:
107 3
Dr. Solomon's Goodbye Speech, December 5
1959 [subseries]:
107 4
[Staff Conference Talk on Rehabilitation], May 7
1960 [subseries]:
107 5-6
"The Decision to Hospitalize," Pan American Medical Congress--Mexico City, Mexico, May 3
107 7
"Philosophy and Scope of Extended Clinic Activities," Technical Assistance Project--Austin, TX, October 13-14
1961 [subseries]:
107 8
"The Power to Change Behavior," Introductory Remarks, Mental Health Study Center--Silver Spring, MD, April 22
107 9
"Home Visiting by Psychiatrists," Third World Congress of Psychiatry--Montreal, Canada, June 4-10
1962 [subseries]:
107 10
"Pathways and Detours To and From the Mental Hospital," Conference on Mental Health for College Students, Westminster College--Fulton, MO, April 7
107 11
"Mental Retardation and Antisocial Behavior," Symposium-The Cultural-Familial Mentally Retarded: Issues and Strategies, American Association on Mental Deficiency--Bethesda, MD, May 5
1963 [subseries]:
107 12
"President's Health Message to the Congress of the United States," January 24
107 13
"Mentally Deficient Children and Psychotic Adults," Annual Meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Association (AOA), April
107 14
"Clinical Aspects of Mental Retardation," State Directors of Vocational Rehabilitation, May 5
107 15
"The President's Mental Health Program," Mental Health Association of Essex County, NJ, June 20
107 16
"The President's Mental Health Program," Democratic Midwest Conference--Madison, WI, October 5
107 17
"What Does NIMH Expect From the States of Region VIII," Regional Mental Health Conference--Camp Williams, UT, October 23
1964 [subseries]:
108 1
"Patterns of Research Support in Mental Retardation," Fourth Annual Research Seminar, Canadian Association for Retardation Children--Ottawa, Canada, February 7-8
108 2
"The Community Mental Health Center: Concept and Challenge," Citizen's Committee for Comprehensive Mental Health Planning--Columbus, OH, March 9
108 3
"The Many Meanings of 'Comprehensive'-Underlying Issues in Implementing the Community Mental Health Centers Program," The American Orthopsychiatric Association (AOA)--Chicago, IL, March 19
108 4
"A Revolution in Community Opportunity," Third Annual Mental Health Conference, Dept. of Mental Health--Wilmington, DE, April 29
108 5
"Mental Health: Current Programs and Concepts," Southern Conference of the Council of State Governments--Sarasota, FL, June 18
108 6
[Comments], Community Mental Health Center's Advisory Councils, Bloomington Mental Health Association Staff Training Institute--Bloomington, MN, June 30
108 7
"Background Events Leading to the Current Community Mental Health Program," Institute on Community Mental Health Services--Santa Barbara, CA, July 17
108 8
"National Developments in Voluntary Insurance for Psychiatric Care," Institute of Community Mental Health Services--Santa Barbara, CA, July 18
108 9
"The Federal Role in Mental Health," The Mental Assn. of the State of Alabama and Alabama Assn. for Mental Health, Inc.--Birmingham, AL, September 13
108 10
"Testimony Before the New York State Legislature,"--Syracuse, NY, September 21
108 11
"How to Get Federal Dollars for Your Mental Health Center," New York State Association for Mental Health--Grossinger, NY, October 19
108 12
"The Impact of the New Federal Mental Health Legislation on the State Mental Hospital System," Northeast State Governments Conference--Hartford, CT, October 22
108 13
"Some Aspects of the Community Mental Health Centers Program," Assembly of District Branches, American Psychiatric Assn.--Washington, DC, October 29
1965 [subseries]:
108 14
"The Mental Health Movement in the United States: Implications for the Developing Countries," Inter-American Congress, 1965
108 15
"The Nation Plans for Mental Health," Governor's Leadership Conference on Mental Health--Columbia, SC, February 2
108 16
"Meeting Mental Health Needs in the Community," Conference on Mental Health and Retardation, Oklahoma State Medical Association--Oklahoma City, OK, February 4
108 17
"The Practicing Physician and Emotional Disorders," Committee on Mental Health and Medicine and Religion, Medical Society of the State of North Carolina, March 11
108 18
"Mental Health Association and Local Community Action," Community on Mental Health and Medicine and Religion, Medical Society of the State of North Carolina, March 11
108 19
"New Spotlight on Mental Health," Medical Science in the News Seminar, Philadelphia Press Assn.--Philadelphia, PA, March 16
108 20
"Dr. Brown Goes to the Movies or the Many Meanings of Rape," Annual Conference, Mental Health Statistics--Detroit, MI, May 18-21
108 21
"Community Mental Health Center Program," Fifteen Minute Summary for Members of the House of Representatives--Washington, DC, June 2
108 22
"Manpower Needs and Training in the Field of Mental Health," Eighteenth Annual Conference on Aging, The University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI, July 28
108 23
"The Role of the General Hospital in the Community Mental Health Center Program, 67th Annual Meeting, American Hospital Assn.--San Francisco, CA, September 1
108 24
"The Mental Hospital and the Community," 17th Mental Hospital, American Psychiatric Assn.--San Francisco, CA, September 30
108 25
[Untitled], Midwestern Regional Meeting, American Association of Psychiatric Clinics for Children--Cincinnati, OH, October 8-9
108 26
"Wisconsin and Changing Patterns of Federal, State, and Local Relations," The Wisconsin Congress on Mental Health and Mental Retardation--Madison, WI, October 15
108 27
"Community Mental Health Developments, Demands, Dilemmas," Fiftieth Anniversary, Graduate Dept. of Social Work and Social Research, Bryn Mawr College--Bryn Mawr, PA, October 23
108 28
"Rebecca Gratz speech,"--Philadelphia, PA, November 4
109 1
"Law and Community Mental Health," December 21
1966 [subseries]:
109 2
"The Community Mental Health Center Movement: Its Impact on Social Work Practice and Education," Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education--New York, NY, January 25-27
109 3
"Changing Role of the Federal-State-Local Relationship and Its Implications for the Community Mental Health Centers Program," The Annual Meeting and Conference, Iowa Association for Mental Health, Inc.--Cedar Rapids, IA, February 7
109 4
"The Complexities of Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services," Georgia Conference on Social Welfare--Atlanta, GA, February 24
109 5
"Concepts Underlying the Development of New Patterns of Community Mental Health Services," National Health Council Assembly Seminar on Social Welfare and Community Mental Health--Princeton, NJ, March 2
109 6
"Mental Health Services--1975," Delaware's Fourth Mental Health Conference--Newark, DE, April 27
109 7
"Mental Health for the Poor--The Use of Trained Problem Youth in A Neighborhood Treatment Program for Children and Adolescents," Mental Health Association, National Assn. for Mental Health, Summer State Training Institute--Williamsburg, VA, July 11-15
109 8
"Remarks at Dedication of New Wing," University of Alabama Medical Center--Birmingham, AL, August 20
109 9
"Planning for Urban Mental Health Services," Health Study Group, International Conference of Social Work--Washington, DC, September 7
109 10
"Psychiatric Practice and Public Policy," Twentieth Anniversary Meeting Honoring Dr. William C. Menninger, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP)--Philadelphia, PA, November 11
1967 [subseries]:
109 11
"The Massachusetts Mandate for Mental Health Leadership," Legislative Conference on Mental Health, Massachusetts Association for Mental Health and the Massachusetts Dept. of Mental Health--Boston, MA, January 31
109 12
"Developments in Meeting Mental Health Needs in the Community," Second Statewide Conference on Mental Health and Retardation, Oklahoma State Medical Association--Oklahoma City, OK, February 9
109 13
"Social Implications of the Community Mental Health Center Concept," 57th Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Assn.--New York, NY, February 17
109 14
[Remarks at Lorraine Rembold's Farewell Party],--Washington, DC, February 23
109 15
"The New Era in Mental Health," 12th Annual Convention of Louisiana AFL-CIO--Baton Rouge, LA, April 11
109 16
"The Community Mental Health Center: A National Overview," Annual Pennsylvania Mental Health Conference--Pittsburgh, PA, April 26
109 17
"The Mentally Retarded in Penal and Correctional Institutions," Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Association--Detroit, MI, May 9
109 18
"Mental Health on Air Force One," Conference of Chief Social Workers in State and Territorial Mental Health Programs--Dallas, TX, May 19
109 19
"The Pride and Price of Leadership," Washington School of Psychiatry--Washington, DC, June 1
109 20
"Prevention, the Holy Grail of Mental Health," Fifth Annual Conference on 'The Imperative of Prevention' Family and Children's Services of Greater St. Louis--St. Louis, MO, June 7
109 21
"Physical Environment of the Working Man," Annual Conference of the Society of Personnel Administration--Washington, DC, June 8
109 22
"Twin Social Movements-Community Mental Health and Rehabilitation," Symposium on Current and Future Directions in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, American Psychiatric Association Annual Convention--Washington, DC, September 3
109 23
"Psychology and Community Mental Health: The Medical Muddle," APA Annual Convention--Washington, DC, September 5
109 24
"The Social and Political Parameters of the Psychiatric Emergency," Regional Workshop, Planning Emergency Treatment Service for Comprehensive Community Mental Health, University of Florida--Gainesville, FL, September 13-15
110 1
"State of the Institute,"--San Francisco, CA, September 19
110 2
"Federal-State Relationship and the Impact of Public Law 89-749,"--Bismark, ND, October 5-6
110 3
"The Role of the Hospital in the Helping System," November 14
110 4
"Psychosoical Politics of the Community Mental Health Movement," 47th Meeting of the Association of Research in Nervous and Mental Disease--New York, NY, December 2
110 5
"Psychiatric Politics and the Organizational Crisis," Annual Meeting of the Mental Health Assn. of Los Angeles County--Los Angeles, CA, December 14
1968 [subseries]:
110 6
"Politics and Psychiatry," Ninth Annual Mental Health Dinner, The West Virginia Association of Mental Health, Inc.--WV, January 31
110 7
[Panel and Discussion], National Capital Area Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration--Washington, DC, March 5
110 8
"Proceedings from the 'Seminar on Mental Health in Illinois'," Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois--Zion, IL, April 15-16
110 9
"The Role of the Mental Health Association on the Current Scene," Virginia Association for Mental Health--Fredricksburg, VA, April 19
110 10
"Community Mental Health Centers-- A Look Ahead," New York Regional Program Development Conference on Community Mental Health Centers, NIMH--New York, NY, April 29
110 11
"Mental Health--The Role of Citizen and State," Annual Meeting, The Alabama Association of Mental Health--Huntsville, AL, May 9
110 12
Psycho-Political Perspectives on Federal-State Relationships Mental Health Participation, White House Governors Conference of 1967-1968," Seventh National Scientific Meeting, Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy--Boston, MA, May 12
110 13
"Remarks at the 20th Anniversary of the Human Relations Service of Wellesley, Inc."--Wellesley, MA, May 13
110 14
"Fantasy and Force: A Study of the Dynamics of the Mentally Retarded Offended," Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Association--Boston, MA, May 15
111 1
"You Can Go Home Again," Annual Meeting, Brooklyn Association for Mental Health, Inc.--Brooklyn, NY, May 22
111 2
"Social Change: A Professional Challenge," Convocation Address, University of Maryland, School of Social Work--College Park, MD, June 4
111 3
"Crystal Balls and Strikes: Mental Health and Social Change," The Hogg Foundation--Austin, TX, June 7
111 4
"The Partnerships of Private and Public Funds," The Hoff Foundation--Austin, TX, June 8
111 5
"What are Young Psychiatrists Thinking About?" Meeting of Midwest Professor of Psychiatry, Madison, WI, June 21-22
111 6
"Remarks by Dr. Brown on the Opening of the Jefferson Medical College Unit and Philadelphia State Hospital," Philadelphia--PA, September 24
111 7
"Power, Politics, Psychiatrists, and Philadelphia," Hahnemann's Community Mental Health Center--Philadelphia, PA, September 26
111 8
"The Management of Power or The Walter Mitty School of Psychiatry," Annual Meeting, American Society of Mental Hospital Business Administrators--Washington, DC, September 30
111 9
"Mental Health and Social Policy," Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, Executive Group Meeting,--Austin, TX, October 2-4
112 1-2
"Alienation and Revolt: Rebels Without A Cause," New York State Association for Mental Health, The Medical Society of NY, The Coucil, NY State District Branches, American Psychiatric Association--New York,NY, October 5
112 3
"Mental Health and Citizen Power--The Role of the Mental Health Association," Annual Meeting, North Dakota Mental Health Association, Bismark, ND, October 10
112 4
"Citizen Leaders and the Mental Health of the Future," Annual Leadership Institute, Wisconsin Assn. for Mental Health--Milwaukee, WI, October 16
112 5
"The Program Politics of Violence," Eighth Symposium on 'Psychiatry for the Physician on Violence and Aggression' The Carrier Clinic--Bell Mead, NJ, November 6
112 6
"Mental Health Programs for Today--Meeting the Challenge and the Management of Power," Biennial Conference, Wisconsin Division of Mental Hygiene--Madison, WI, November 20
112 7
"Mental Health and Comprehensive Health Planning," Remarks presented at Association of State and Territorial Health Officers--Washington, DC, December 10
112 8
"Psychiatric Politics and the Organizational Crisis," Annual Meeting, Mental Health Association of Los Angeles County--Los Angeles, CA, December 14
1969 [subseries]:
112 9
"Statement by Director, National Institute of Mental Health,"--Washington, DC, January 3
112 10
[Notes for Patuxent Speech], Patuxent Institution--Jessup, MD, January 16
112 11
"The Program Politics of Alcoholism," Third Statewide Conference on Mental Health, Oklahoma Medical Association--Oklahoma, OK, February 6
112 12
"Emerging Community Mental Health Settings: The Clergy's Role in Social Movements," National Task Force on Religion and Mental Health in the Community, National Council of Churches--Philadelphia, PA, February 26
112 13
"Highways, Hijackers, Hierarchies, and Health," Regional Highway Safety Research Symposium, University of Iowa--Iowa City, IA, March 13
112 14
[Notes and Correspondence], Quarterly Meeting, Dept. of Psychiatry, Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, Inc.--Brooklyn, NY, March 26
112 15
"The Concept of Community Mental Health Services," Spring Mental Health Meeting, Michigan State University--East Lansing, MI, April 23
112 16
"The Program Politics of Human Services," Fifteenth Annual Meeting, Family Services of Westchester, Inc.--White Plains, NY, May 22
112 17
[Speech dictated by Congressman Flood for his delivery on his receipt of Anchor Award], May 23
112 18
"Financing Mental Health Programs," Conference on Delivery and Financing of Mental Health Services--New York, NY, June 4
113 1-3
"Financing Mental Health Programs," Background Materials, Conference on Delivery and Financing of Mental Health Services--New York, NY, June 4
113 4
"The Love of Labor, Labor's Love--Mental Health," Cornell Conference on Collective Bargaining and Mental Health, Brotherhood-In-Action Center--New York, NY, June 6
113 5
"Whither the Community Mental Health Center?" First Annual Meeting, National Council of Community Mental Health Centers--Philadelphia, PA, September 21
113 6
"Changes and Challenges," A Workshop for Directors of Volunteers in Health Care Facilities and Community Agencies, Center for the Study of Voluntarism, The School of Social Work, University of Maryland--College Park, MD, November 10
114 1
"The Ideal and Hope," National Association for Mental Health Annual Meeting--Washington, DC, November 20
114 2
"Drug Abuse--Who's Program? or The Program Politics of Pot," Jewish Social Service Agency--Rockville, MD, November 24
114 3
[Rough Notes] "The Effect of the Proposed National Health Insurance Program on the Practice of Psychiatry," Second Annual Workshop, The Association of General Hospital Psychiatry--Maywood, IL, December 3
114 4
"Community Responsibility for Mental Health: Ideas and Action: An Address to the Care-Govers of New Orleans," Sponsored by DePaul, Louisiana State University, Touro Mental Health Centers--New Orleans, LA, December 12
1970 [subseries]:
114 5
"Toward Human Services," ca. 1970
114 6
"Draft Remarks--Joint Announcement of HEW-DOT Interagency Agreement,"--Washington, DC, January 11
114 7
"Some Things Mental Health Has to Say to Education," Oaklawn Psychiatric Center--Elkhart, IN, January 15
114 8-9
"Maryland, My Mediocre Maryland," Annual Legislative Dinner Meeting, Maryland Assn. for Mental Health, Inc.,--Annapolis, MD, January 29
114 10
"In Mediocre Maryland, Where is Montgomery County?' St. Luke's Episcopal Church--Bethesda, MD, February 4
114 11
"Research: A Critical Resource," Dedication to the Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute--Nashville, TN, March 19
115 1
"Mental Health: Aspects of Changes," Mental Health Aspects of Changes Workshop--Severn River, MD, April 29
115 2
"Heeding the Needing Children: National Programs to Meet a National Priority," The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago--Chicago, IL, May 5
115 3
"A Joint Endeavor," Washington Hebrew Congregation--Washington, DC, May 27
115 4
"Statement by Dr. Brown," [on occasion of his appointment to Director of NIMH], June 3
115 5
"Dispelling Illusions and Responding to Realities," Keynote Address, Labor-Management Mental Health Conference, Institute of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University--New Brunswick, NJ, June 10
115 6
"Draft Remarks for Dr. Brown, for delivery at Symposium on 'Recent Advances in Studies of Alcoholism',"--Washington, DC, June 25
115 7
"Opening Statement--Executive Staff Meeting,"--Washington, DC, July 10
115 8
"Highlights of Remarks to State Planning Agencies of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration,"--Colorado Springs, CO, August 4
115 9
"Whither the Community Mental Health Center?" First Annual Meeting, National Council of Community Mental Health Centers,--Philadelphia, PA, September 24
115 10
"Introductory Remarks," 22nd Institute on Hospital and Community Psychiatry,"--Philadelphia, PA, September 24
115 11
"Health and the Healthy Consumer," Keynote Address, Conference on Consumer Health, Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Cooperative Extension Department, University of Maryland--Chevy Chase, MD, September 28
115 12
"Partners or Perish," Keynote Speech, 10th Anniversary of the Maurice Falk Medical Fund--Pittsburgh, PA, October 7
115 13
"Speech for Commuity Mental Health Centers,"--Philadelphia, PA, October 12
115 14
[Untitled], 17th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry--Denver, CO, October 16-18
115 15
"Importance of Community Based Treatment and Comprehensive Services," First Anniversary of the Addiction Research Treatment Corporation, October 20
115 16
"Community Mental Health: The View from Fund City," Surgeon General's Annual Conference of the State and Territorial Mental Health Authorities--Washington, DC, November 4
115 17
"What Do You Say to a Naked Question?" Annual Meeting, American Association of Psychiatric Services for Children--Philadelphia, PA, November 6
115 18
"Looking Ahead in Mental Health," Division of Mental Hygiene, Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services--Milwaukee, WI, November 17
115 19
"The People and the Priorities," Excerpts from a speech at the Annual Meeting of the National Association for Mental Health--Los Angeles, CA, November 19
116 1
"Recent Research on Drugs of Abuse," Meeting of Delegates of the Assembly of District Branches, American Psychiatric Association--Washington, DC, November 20
116 2
"Style and Substance in Human Development," Address at scientific program honoring George E. Gardner, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School--Cambridge, MA, November 30
116 3
"Community Mental Health Programs: A Partnership in Management," NIMH Regional Funding Conference--Atlanata, GA, December 4
116 4
"Challenge to Commitment," State and Territorial Health Officers' Annual Meeting--Washington, DC, December 8
116 5
"Remarks," [by Dr. Brown], Dedication, Caguas Community Mental Health Center--Puerto Rico, December 23
1971 [subseries]:
116 6
"Remarks by Dr. Brown," Organized Crime Law Enforcement Training Conference, University of Maryland--College Park, MD, January 6
116 7
"Remarks by Dr. Bertram S. Brown," Opening of Chicago Training Project--Los Angeles, CA, January 9
116 8
"The Crisis in Health Care, Urban Affairs Seminar, Greater Baltimore Committee--Baltimore, MD, January 14
116 9
"Address by Dr. Bertram S. Brown to Women GS-11 and Below,"--Washington, DC, January 19
116 10
"An Idea Whose Time Should Come," Annual Legislative Conference, Sponsored by the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health--Boston, MA, February 2
116 11
"Drug Abuse: The New Plague," HEW Ladies' Day--Washington, DC, February 8
116 12
[Transcripts of proceedings with representatives of the Bureau of Prisons and NIMH]--Fort Worth, TX, February 10
116 13
"Mental Health at the Crossroads--Drug Abuse and Social Issues," Excerpts from a speech, Dept. of Psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina--Charleston, SC, March 5
116 14
"Mental Health and Governance," Michigan Society of Psychiatry and Neurology--Detroit, MI, March 18
116 15
"The Meaningful Alternative," White House Conference on Drug Abuse for Religious Leaders--Washington, DC, March 26
117 1
[Notes/Outline for Talk], St. Louis Psychiatric Society--St. Louis, MO, April 19
117 2
"The Future of Public and Private Sectors in Psychiatry," Suburban Chapter of Washington Psychiatric Society--Bethesda, MD, April 29
117 3
"Pride, Prejudice, and Progress," Annual Meeting, American Psychoanalytic Association--Washington, DC, April 30
117 4
"Where Religion Dwells," Annual Meeting, Association of Mental Health Chaplains, May 3
117 5
[Transcript of Tape Recording of Address], National Association of Science Writers--Washington, DC, May 4
117 6
[Rough notes for speech], ADA, Georgetown University--Washington, DC, May 12
117 7
"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" Annual Membership Meeting, Illinois Valley Mental Health Association--Peoria, IL, May 13
117 8
"Summary of Remarks," Dedication of the Margaret R. Dixon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Unit, Souteast Louisiana Hospital, Mandeville, LA, May 18
117 9
"Statement by Dr. Brown," Annual Conference on the Council on Foundations--Montreal, Canada, May 20
117 10
[Opening remarks], Foundations and Drug Abuse: A Conference--Washington, DC, May 26
117 11
"Dedication Address," Laboratory of Brain Evolution and Behavior, NIH Animal Center--Poolesville,MD, May 28
117 12
"The Many Meanings of Politics," Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, District of Columbia Section Dinner Meeting--Washington, DC, June 2
117 13
"The Present and Future Challenge," 25th Anniversary of the National Mental Health Act--Washington, DC, June 28
117 14
"Draft Remarks," Dr. Brown Opening Plenary Session, 25th Anniversary Conference of the Acting Mayor of Washington, June 28
117 15
"On the Meaning of Biochemical Research in Mental Health," [delivered during foreign travel to Turkey, Romania, and Egypt], August
117 16
"Silver Threads Among the Bold: Twenty-five Years of Mental Health Programming," 79th Annual Convention, Clinical Psychology Division APA--Washington, DC, September 6
117 17
"Federal Challenge to the Community," A Health and Education Program for the Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction," September 10
117 18
"Awareness and Action: The Federal Challenge to the Community: A Health and Education Approach for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Addiction," The North Shore Hospital and Hofstra University, September 10
117 19
[Draft Remarks], Seminar on Family Disruption and Health Problems--Rockville, MD, September 24
117 20
"Mental Health Axes to Grind," Annual Meeting, Minnesota Association for Mental Health--Minneapolis, MN, October 1
117 21
"Commitment to Service," Oklahoma Mental Health Association, Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Dr. Hayden Donahue--Oklahoma City, OK, October 2
117 22
"New Dimensions in Mental Health Services," Dedication Ceremonies, The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital--Baltimore, MD, October 19
117 23
"Mental Health Services to Youth," Mental Health Conference of Virginia, Department of Medical Hygiene and Hospitals of the Commonwealth of Virginia--Roanoke, VA, October 21
118 1
"Priorities and Progess in Mental Health," Annual Meeting, Tennesse Mental Health Association--Nashville, TN, October 27
118 2
"The American Indian: What's Good About Him?" National Conference on Indian Mental Health, The Denver Indian Center--Denver, CO, November 11
118 3
"The Changing Mental Health Delivery System: The Prospects Before Us," The Health Services and Mental Health Administration Annual Conference of the State and Territorial Mental Health Authorities--Washington, DC, November 16-18
118 4
"Psychiatry Through Mental Health to Human Services--What's Next?" 7th Anniversary Celebration of the New York State Psychiatric Institution--New York, NY, November 22
118 5
"Organization of Mental Health Services in the United States," Proceedings of the V World Congress of Psychiatry--Mexico City, Mexico, November 28-December 4
1972 [subseries]:
118 6
"Remarks by Bertram S. Brown, M.D. on the Occasion of Mike Gorman Testimonial Dinner," Washington Press Club--Washington, DC, January 25
118 7
"Nature Versus Nurture Revisited," The Chicano Consumer Conference on Health--San Antonio, TX, January 28
118 8
"NIMH Science--Soul for Society," Eastern Nebraska Mental Health Association--Omaha, NE, March 28
118 9
"Keep Cool and Comprehensive," National Council of Community Mental Health Centers, Inc., Meeting--Detroit, MI, April 4
118 10
"The Yin and Yang of Mental Health," Conference on Asian American Mental Health, Minority Center Asian American Social Workers--San Francisco, CA, April 29
118 11
"Mental Health Mayday, 1972," Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Association--Dallas, TX, May 2
118 12
"Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: One Problem or Two?" The Donovan Memorial Lecture, The Annual Eagleville Conference Day, Eagleville Hospital and Rehabilitation Center--Eagleville, PA, May 12
118 13
"Remarks by Bertram S. Brown, M.D. Upon Acceptance of the 1972 Man of the Year Award," Anchor Mental Health Association Festival of Hope--Washington, DC, May 19
118 14
"Child Priority: A Progress Report--1972," Annual Meeting and Conference, National Society for Autistic Children, Inc.--Flint, MI, June 23
118 15
"Solutions to Sickle Cell: Resources and Responsibilities," The National Conference on the Mental Health Aspects of Sickle Cell Anemia, NIMH and The National Center for Family Planning Services--Nashville, TN, June 27
118 16
"Remarks at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania,"--Wilkes-Barre, PA, October 16
118 17
"Health Services Overview," Meeting of Advanced Health Care Delivery Systems Pilot Project, NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society--San Francisco, CA, October 17
118 18
"Recent Accomplishments of the National Institute of Mental Health," Meeting of the Dupage County--Wheaton, IL, October 22
118 19
"Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Testimonial Dinner,"--Huntington, WV, October 28
118 20
"Progress and Prospects--Child Mental Health, Priority Number One," American Assn. of Psychiatric Services for Children--Washington, DC, November 2
118 21
"War and Peace and Related Drug Abuse Issues," American Social Health Association--New York, NY, November 3
118 22
"Outline of Remarks," 10th Anniversary Party of the National Clearinghouse for Mental Health Information, November 6
118 23
"Remarks to the Annual Meeting of State and Territorial Mental Health Authorities--Washington, DC, November 14
118 24
"NAMH-NIMH, the Commitment We Share," Annual Meeting, The National Association for Mental Health--Detroit, MI, November 18
118 25
"Address for the World Federation for Mental Health Symposium,"--Tuscon, AZ, November 26
118 26
"Advocacy Versus Services," Foundation for Child Development, N.Y. State Committee for Children Conference--Albany, NY, December 12
1973 [subseries]:
119 1
"Pedigree Speech," Indian Conference--Davis, CA, ca. 1973
119 2
"Where the Action Is," Annual Meeting of the Illinois Psychiatric Society, February 21
119 3
"Psychiatric Research: Some Critical Issues," 20th Anniversary of the Rockland Research Center--New York, NY, February 21
119 4
"Address Before the Joint Convention of the Tennessee Legislature," 88th General Assembly--Nashville, TN, March 6
119 5
"Children First," Louisiana Association for Mental Health--New Orleans, LA, March 23
119 6
"Mobile in April--Spring and the New Federalism," Alabama Conference of Social Work--Mobile, AL, April 4
119 7
"Mental Health in the Future--Politics, Science, Ethics, and Values," 77th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Political and Social Science--Philadelphia, PA, April 13
119 8
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1975 [subseries]:
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1978 [subseries]:
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1983 [subseries]:
125 16
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[Undated] [subseries]:
125 17
"Psychological Aspects of Terminal Illness"
Other speeches [subseries]:
162 13
Miscellaneous addresses, speeches, notes, drafts; Farewell speech NIMH, 1973; 1978; n.d.