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Fielding Hudson Garrison Papers 1910-1957
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Lamport reprints [subseries]:
59 1
1940-1941 [subseries]:
Periodic changes in blood estrogen, 1940
Formulae for afferent and efferent arteriorlar resistance in the human kidney, 1941
Maneuver for the relief of acute aero-otitis media, 1941
Origin of the ballistocardiograph, The, 1941
Relative changes in afferent and efferent arteriolar resistance in the normal kidney,1941
59 2
1942-1943 [subseries]:
Charts for osmotic pessure of blood, 1942
Effects on renal resistance to blood flow of renin, angiotonin, pitressin and atropine, 1942
Improvements in calculation of renal resistance, 1943
Increase of the renal filtration fraction after plasmapheresis, 1943
Pursuitmeter with an application in aviation medicine, 1943
59 3
1945 [subseries]:
Kidney, 1945
Statistically valid tests of drugs and other factors affecting the resistance of mice to acceleration, 1945
59 4
1946 [subseries]:
Appraisal of rapid killing power of high velocity bullets, 1946
Paper screen signaling missible passage, 1946
Portable milivoltmeter, A, 1946
Relationship between the military loss resulting from a casualty and the days lost from active duty, 1946
Safety and the direction of rotation of the automobile, 1946
59 5
1947-1953 [subseries]:
Arteriolar elasticity, 1947
Physiology of hearing, 1947
Design of a collapsible, lightweight "iron lung" respirator, 1948
Law relating blood flow to perfusion pressure, 1949
Factors regulating blood pressure, 1949
Fragmentation of biliary calculi, 1950
Intrinsic independence of blood flow through cortical and juxtamedullary glomeruli, 1950
Diffusion of oxygen across the sheep's placenta, 1953
59 6
1954-1955 [subseries]:
Indirect spinal cord injuries due to gunshot wounds, 1954
Transport of oxygen in the sheep's placenta, 1954
Critical appraisal of methods for disruption and extraction of urinary calculi, 1955
Orientation of helical collagen fibers in sarcolemma, 1955
59 7
1956-1959 [subseries]:
How is tension transmitted from striated muscle fiber, 1956
Some aspects of the basal tone of the blood vessels, 1956
Ultrasonic lithotresis in the ureter, 1956
Average distribution of light flux, 1958
Pressure effects and critical closure in single microscopic vessels,1959
Strain gauge measurement of output of magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducer, 1959
59 8
1962 [subseries]:
Physical properties of small arterial vessels, 1962
Renal circulation, 1962
Response to pressure of microarterial vessels in the live rat, 1962
59 9
1963-1966 [subseries]:
Doctors and fear of the computer, 1963
Vascularization compared in thin sheets, 1964
Flowmeter design for continuous immediate measurement of red cell, 1965
Optical activity, 1965
Water proposals for New York, 1966