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Fielding Hudson Garrison Papers 1910-1957
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Box | Folder Title
Series 5: Boorman Donation [series]:

In 1989 Mrs. Patricia Boorman, daughter of Dr. Fielding Garrison, gave to the library her collection of her father's material. This material consists of one volume of letters to Garrison, a volume of collected reprints, and some correspondence from his tenure at the Welch Library. Mrs. Boorman also loaned to the library a family record book first begun by Garrison's father, a copy of which was made with her permission and has been added to the collection. The volume of correspondence was disbound to better protect it but left in the order it was received, and is indexed at the end of this finding guide. Publications were added to the Garrison reprint collection in the library's printed collections. The remaining material (menus, typescript manuscripts, and reviews by and of Garrison) were added to the manuscript collection.

Green book of bound letters [subseries]:
9 22
Blakely, George
Folder C-D [subseries]:
9 23
Castellani, Aldo
9 23
Castiglioni, Arturo
9 23
Corson, Eugene R.
9 23
?, W.P.
9 23
Cushing, Harvey
9 23
Dana, Charles L.
9 23
Deetjen, Chr.
Folder F-K [subseries]:
9 24
Farlow, John
9 24
Federal Press (biographical entry)
9 24
Fischer, Isidor
9 24
Handerson, H.E.
9 24
Hemmeter, John C.
9 24
Kelly, Howard A.
Folder L-Z [subseries]:
9 25
Locy, Ellen Eastman (Mrs. William Albert Locy)
9 25
MacCallum, W.G. (on index Medicus)
9 25
Souchon, Edmond
9 25
Spivak, C.D.
9 25
Steiner, Walter R.
9 25
Williams, Linsly R.
9 25
Playbill,"The Inspector General," Goodman Theatre, Chicago, November 1928
9 26-30
Sudhoff, Karl (5 folders)
9 31
Welch, William H.
Green book of reprints labelled "Reprints, Vol. 4" [subseries]:
9 32
Menus: Garrison and Casey Wood
9 33
High School Register & "Annual Report of the Auditor of Porto Rico" (J.R. Garrison), 1902
Typescript Manuscripts:, 1921; n.d. [subseries]:
9 34
"History of Military Medicine," Carlisle Barracks, 1921
9 35
"Evolution of Military Medicine..."
9 36
"Veneral Disease"
9 37
"Osler's Place in the History of Medicine"
9 38
"Bowditch, Henry Pickering"
9 39
Forewords and Prefaces to Books
9 40
Book Reviews by and of Garrison
Family Record Book (photocopy), 1879; n.d. [subseries]:
9 41
"Family Records: a brief statement of the genealogy, marriages, births, deaths, and other matters of interest connected with my family history..." J.R. Garrison, Washington, DC, 1879