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Clarence Dennis Papers 1927-2003
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Cineradiography motion picture film [subseries]:
28 MS C 553-0001
Mitral valve - cine cardiograms - City of Hope Med Cntr., Duarte, California [16mm cineradiagraphy], 1969 Aug. 8 [RESTRICTED PHI]

1. S. EMN rheumatic heart disease inactive, mitral stenosis; 2. S.F. HM mitral stonisis moderately severe, mitral insufficiency, mild, pulmonary hyertension; 3. G. TPN moderate mitral stenosis, minimal mitral insufficiency, low cardiac output; 4. C. BNT severe mitral insufficiency, no aorticc stenosis or insufficiency, severe pulmonary hypertension; 5. W. LFT rheumatic heart disease, inactive, mitral stenosis, mitral insufficiency, pulmonary hypertension

28 MS C 553-0002
[patient name] - achalasia C04 - esophogram [16mm cineradiagraphy], undated [RESTRICTED PHI]
28 MS C 553-0003
[patient name] Cine no:1319-B, chest diaphragm pre-op, Brewer [35mm cineradiagraphy], 1967 Oct. 13 [RESTRICTED PHI]
28 MS C 553-0004
[patient name] Cine no:1319-C, diaphragm, Brewer [35mm cineradiagraphy], 1968 Jan. 18 [RESTRICTED PHI]
28 MS C 553-0005
[patient name] Cine no:1329, diaphragm pre-op, Brewer [35mm cineradiagraphy], 1967 Nov. 7 [RESTRICTED PHI]
28 MS C 553-0006
[patient name] Cine no:1329-B, diaphragm post-op, Brewer [35mm cineradiagraphy], 1968 Jan. 15 [RESTRICTED PHI]
28 MS C 553-0007
[patient name] Cine no:1369, heart, Walker [35mm cineradiagraphy], 1968 Jan. 17 [RESTRICTED PHI]
28 MS C 553-0008
[patient name] Cine no:1561, heart, Lou [35mm cineradiagraphy], 1967 Nov. 25 [RESTRICTED PHI]