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Lyman A. Brewer Papers 1926-1989
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Series 3: Speeches and Talks, 1953-1994 [series]:

Materials in this small series pertain to speeches given by Swan at various meetings, reunions, and professional events. These speeches cover professional topics within the thoracic specialty (especially hypothermia) as well as Swan's personal interest in Burgundy wine as a member of the Chevalier du Tastevin. The series includes drafts and final versions of speeches, audio recordings of certain talks, correspondence, slides, and background material; it is arranged chronologically by date, with the wine speeches listed after the professional speeches.

Professional, 1953-1994 [subseries]:
2 3
"Surgical approach to coronary heart disease", 1953-1956
2 4
["American College of Veterinary Surgeons looks to the future on its first birthday, or, a view from ground floor"], 1967 Feb 17
2 5
"Hypothermia, kamongo, torpidation, and antabolone" (Mark Allam lecture), Swan and Lumb [audiocassette], 1973 Feb
2 6-9
Cardioplegia workshop, 1978-1980
2 10
"In quest of the open heart" [slides], 1979-1983
2 11
[untitled speech drafts], 1982, n.d.
2 12
Surgical speeches, 1987
2 5
"[CSU] surgical laboratory 30 year reunion" (keynote address) [audiocassette], 1994 Aug 14
2 13
Talk on buffer solution. Henry Swan II [slides], undated
2 14
"Use of hypothermia and organ, regional or total body perfusion for arterial surgery" -- Russian paper, undated
2 15
["Ventures and frontiers in the exploration of hypothermia"], undated
Wine, 1977-1984 [subseries]:
2 16
"To score a wine: physiology vs. aesthetics" (Chevalier luncheon) [audiocassette], 1977 Apr 6
2 16
"Red burgundy label -- code or camouflage" [audiocassette], 1978 Jan 11
2 16
"To breathe or not to breathe" (Chevalier luncheon) [audiocassette], 1978 Dec 20
2 16
"Sensory evaluation of wine: the physiology of aesthetics" [audiocassette], 1984 May 25